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Oil Price Declines: why fundamentals are continuously ignored. UPDATED

Many brokers consider shares of oil and gas companies as attractive investments and recommend these stocks as a good buy. As a justification, they show dividends history in comparison to other sectors.  It has always […]



Source: Advisor Perspectives Ken Fincher, First Trust Advisors, highlights that the Fed has signalled plans to gradually increase interest rates this year. It’s important for investors to remember that the cost of leverage will narrow the differential […]

“YES CALIFORNIA “: The real danger for the U.S. territorial integrity.

The process of the USSR collapse has started from a few and “funny” statements of some representatives of three Baltic Republic. Although the history behind the Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia claims is different from “Yes California” […]

FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE SELECTED OIL & GAS COMPANIES: Shall we hope for a brighter tomorrow?

I noticed the growing gap between the reality and recently published reports forecasting a brighter future which will uplift crude oil prices to a healthy level. It wouldn’t be an issue if not one detail. […]

The oil market has one big problem: People aren’t buying enough gas

This information indicates that the expressed optimism regarding crude oil prices by many global investment banks and analysts might not be supported by the market fundamentals. Facts suggest that the oil price is likely to remain […]

What might be the reason for Theresa May to call for early elections.

It was a surprise for everyone to learn that the U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May decided to call for snap elections. Some analysts believe that the purpose of her decision to call for early elections […]

Internal & External Conflicts Continue to Escalate

It looks like the science fiction is taking place. We can see that two realities collided in our real world making it obvious that there are two Americas (not North and South Americas). The one […]

U.S. private sector growth eases to seven-month low in April

One of the main factors which let the US to secure its position as #1 world economy is continuously pursued policy to attract the top talents. This policy was in place almost throughout the entire […]

Is this the reason why IMF issued positive forecast but attached a very long list of warnings?

Trump to sign ‘financial-related’ executive actions on Friday: Sources President Donald Trump is expected to sign two “financial related” executive actions at the Treasury on Friday, sources told CNBC.  The White House confirmed that one […]

Bonds post winning week over stocks as untested Trump jumps into global conflicts

CNBC is showing what might really stand behind TRUMP’s moves. If this is true, it is one the most disgusting thing politicians have done in modern history, which looks like a perfect fit for person […]