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The UNITED STATES IS NOT DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY: It does not meet fundamental requirements.

  When Perestroika started in the Soviet Union, an enormous flow of information suddenly crashed on us. It was very confusing in the beginning because, in many ways, people of […]


Rep. Sean Maloney: Russian Interference Is Going To Be Harder To Deny | MSNBC

In my opinion, when media is saying that there are concerns over security, it is a gross underestimate. Donal Trump is no longer a concern, he should rather be considered as an alarm which goes off very very loud. It is important for American people to understand that this is no longer a matter of politics. Irrespective of political views, […]


TRAVEL + LEASURE: An Inside Look at the Ultra-luxury Private Jet Planned for Crystal Air Cruises

Forget flying first class. Luxury is about to get even more elevated, thanks to upcoming air and land itineraries from Crystal Cruises. Starting next year, Crystal AirCruises will begin flying six new all-exclusive global journeys on its own private jet. The ultra-luxe trips will be tailored to each guest’s desires, making it one of the world’s most customizable private jet […]

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