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A few months ago I wrote an article whereby I questioned the legitimacy of labeling Edward Snowden as a traitor. Since then many events occurred suggesting an alarming trend whereby a lie presented as truth […]


CNN commentator and legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein says that the Trump White House is ‘terrified’ of the potential magnitude of the Trump-Russia issue.    ”There’s a cover-up going on.” Carl Bernstein accuses Trump of […]

“YES CALIFORNIA “: The real danger for the U.S. territorial integrity.

The process of the USSR collapse has started from a few and “funny” statements of some representatives of three Baltic Republic. Although the history behind the Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia claims is different from “Yes California” […]

The oil market has one big problem: People aren’t buying enough gas

This information indicates that the expressed optimism regarding crude oil prices by many global investment banks and analysts might not be supported by the market fundamentals. Facts suggest that the oil price is likely to remain […]

The Unites States: numbers suggesting the economy is slowing down

Traiding Economics published statistics on the main indicators. It appears that the U.S. economy started to slowdown across the board. Based on the published context, sings suggest that the slowing economy might be a result […]

U.S. Stocks Fall as Goldman Earnings Disappoint: Markets Wrap

U.S. stocks followed European equities down Tuesday while the pound soared after British Prime Minister Theresa May called for surprise early elections to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. Treasuries climbed but industrial metals plunged. […]

British Prime Minister Theresa May Calls For Snap Election

This is remarkable example what happens to living standards and overall country’s economy when populism wins. We can only guess how long would that take for the British Economy to recover. Meanwhile, I would assume […]