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We might never know why regular people continue to vote for a certain party just because they have always voted for its representatives. We might also never know why they are proud of it is […]


JARED KUSHNER POTENTIAL CONFLICTS: Rachel Maddow Show, Politicus, the New York Times

Trump Son In Law Jared Kushner Was Just Told To Lawyer Up Because He Committed A Crime Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) told Trump son in law Jared Kushner that he better hire a lawyer because […]

“YES CALIFORNIA “: The real danger for the U.S. territorial integrity.

The process of the USSR collapse has started from a few and “funny” statements of some representatives of three Baltic Republic. Although the history behind the Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia claims is different from “Yes California” […]

The oil market has one big problem: People aren’t buying enough gas

This information indicates that the expressed optimism regarding crude oil prices by many global investment banks and analysts might not be supported by the market fundamentals. Facts suggest that the oil price is likely to remain […]


For me, it is difficult to understand on thing. Why people around the the world should face the real threat of nuclear Holocaust over and over again just because the American public decided to play […]

What is behind Tillerson’s statement on upcoming “comprehensive review” to determine the U.S. strategy on Iran?

The statement made by Secretary of State regarding Trump’s administration intent to conduct “comprehensive review” on Iran, initially seemed to be surprising. I could not understand why would the U.S. government decided to do it […]


Kakajan Haytlyyev When Perestroika started in the Soviet Union, an enormous flow of information suddenly crashed on us. It was very confusing in the beginning because, in many ways, people of the USSR used to […]

CHANGE: the biggest challenge people have ever faced

Heraclitus, a philosopher, and theorist who lived in Ephesus, near modern Kusadasi, Turkey, around 500 B.C. He created doctrines about the constant change and flux of life. To the most of us, he is known by […]

Rep. Sean Maloney: Russian Interference Is Going To Be Harder To Deny | MSNBC

In my opinion, when media is saying that there are concerns over security, it is a gross underestimate. Donal Trump is no longer a concern, he should rather be considered as an alarm which goes […]

A week in the war between Trump and the media – BBC Newsnight

As far as I remember, Donald Trump’s relationship with media got ugly when reports started to surface about his ties with Russia. This is where Trump said that media is the enemy of people. So […]