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Washington Post Report Fuels Chaos In White House | The Last Word | MSNBC

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The American Dream looks more like the American Nightmare

It is surreal. Who would think that the president of U.S. would be the least trusted individual? On another hand why it suddenly became clear to people that they might be careful with Donald Trump? […]

Here’s who wins with the new US-China trade deals

As businesses in the United States, China and beyond sorted through the details of the new U.S.-China trade agreements, many said they are disappointed that the 100-day plan missed larger issues such as overcapacity, forced […]

Reality shows that Donald Trump is above the law

I was born in the USSR in 1966. The Soviet Union collapse when I was 25. But I do not recall any scandal involving the Soviet General Secretary (the President) which would compare with the […]

Oil Price Declines: why fundamentals are continuously ignored. UPDATED

Many brokers consider shares of oil and gas companies as attractive investments and recommend these stocks as a good buy. As a justification, they show dividends history in comparison to other sectors.  It has always […]


A few months ago I wrote an article whereby I questioned the legitimacy of labeling Edward Snowden as a traitor. Since then many events occurred suggesting an alarming trend whereby a lie presented as truth […]