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Reality shows that Donald Trump is above the law

I was born in the USSR in 1966. The Soviet Union collapse when I was 25. But I do not recall any scandal involving the Soviet General Secretary (the President) which would compare with the […]



A few months ago I wrote an article whereby I questioned the legitimacy of labeling Edward Snowden as a traitor. Since then many events occurred suggesting an alarming trend whereby a lie presented as truth […]

FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE SELECTED OIL & GAS COMPANIES: Shall we hope for a brighter tomorrow?

I noticed the growing gap between the reality and recently published reports forecasting a brighter future which will uplift crude oil prices to a healthy level. It wouldn’t be an issue if not one detail. […]

The Unites States: numbers suggesting the economy is slowing down

Traiding Economics published statistics on the main indicators. It appears that the U.S. economy started to slowdown across the board. Based on the published context, sings suggest that the slowing economy might be a result […]

What is behind Tillerson’s statement on upcoming “comprehensive review” to determine the U.S. strategy on Iran?

The statement made by Secretary of State regarding Trump’s administration intent to conduct “comprehensive review” on Iran, initially seemed to be surprising. I could not understand why would the U.S. government decided to do it […]

US admits Trump tax reforms will be hit by healthcare setback

Mnuchin: May raise $1T without border adjustment tax  6 Hours Ago | 00:46 The U.S. Treasury secretary has conceded that the administration’s timetable for ambitious tax reforms is set to slip following setbacks in negotiations with […]

MY TRIP TO ALTERNATIVE REALITY: Why Trump and his supporters do not want to see FACTS? This is why. PDF

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