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A few months ago I wrote an article whereby I questioned the legitimacy of labeling Edward Snowden as a traitor. Since then many events occurred suggesting an alarming trend whereby a lie presented as truth […]

JARED KUSHNER POTENTIAL CONFLICTS: Rachel Maddow Show, Politicus, the New York Times

Trump Son In Law Jared Kushner Was Just Told To Lawyer Up Because He Committed A Crime Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) told Trump son in law Jared Kushner that he better hire a lawyer because […]

Donald Trump’s Delusional AP Interview Is Truly Horrifying

In addition to what I indicated in TRUMP IS ABOUT TO TRIGGER PROCESS WITH DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES, this is another circumstance that supports theory that Donald Trump represents the life-time-opportunity for Vladimir Putin to secure leading position for […]


Information on Russian interference during the 2016 US presidential election and European elections suggests that possibly there is a bigger political agenda is being implemented. I believe that additional report on “Yes California” movement is […]

“YES CALIFORNIA “: The real danger for the U.S. territorial integrity.

The process of the USSR collapse has started from a few and “funny” statements of some representatives of three Baltic Republic. Although the history behind the Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia claims is different from “Yes California” […]

Economic and market highlights

There are plenty senseless oil and gas forecasts published by leading financial institutions as an attempt to convince people that oil and gas companies will soon be profitable again due to improvement of crude oil […]

FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE SELECTED OIL & GAS COMPANIES: Shall we hope for a brighter tomorrow?

I noticed the growing gap between the reality and recently published reports forecasting a brighter future which will uplift crude oil prices to a healthy level. It wouldn’t be an issue if not one detail. […]