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The GOP’s Strategy for Killing Obamacare Now Looks Like This

The GOP’s Strategy for Killing Obamacare Now Looks Like This https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-22/the-gop-s-strategy-for-killing-obamacare-now-looks-like-this Advertisements Advertisements



Information on Russian interference during the 2016 US presidential election and European elections suggests that possibly there is a bigger political agenda is being implemented. I believe that additional report on “Yes California” movement is […]

What is behind Tillerson’s statement on upcoming “comprehensive review” to determine the U.S. strategy on Iran?

The statement made by Secretary of State regarding Trump’s administration intent to conduct “comprehensive review” on Iran, initially seemed to be surprising. I could not understand why would the U.S. government decided to do it […]

Both Dems and Republicans Now Say Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong

As far as I remember, Donald Trump was almost sure that illegal actions were undertaken by Barack Obama administration. It started with his claim that Barack Obama wiretapped his phone and then accused Susan Rice […]

“CONCRETE EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION BETWEEN TRUMP TEAM AND RUSSIA” HANDED TO OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION: New evidence comes as sources reveal British spy agency GCHQ played pivotal role in uncovering interactions between US President and Russian operatives

The official investigation into relations between Donald Trump and Russia now has “specific, concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion”, it has been reported. New evidence proves discussions took place “between people in the Trump campaign […]

CNN Exclusive: Classified docs contradict Nunes surveillance claims, GOP and Dem sources say – (followed by my comments)

After a review of the same intelligence reports brought to light by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers and aides have so far found no evidence that Obama administration officials did […]

Trump Preparing Order to Expand Offshore Oil Drilling

President Donald Trump is preparing to issue an executive order with the goal of giving oil companies more opportunities to drill offshore, reversing Obama-era policies that restricted the activity.  The offshore drilling directive is set […]

Top Republicans who opposed Syria attack under Obama are now praising Trump’s strike

Many of the congressional Republicans who are praising President Donald Trump’s decision to strike a Syrian airfield were opposed to President Obama’s request to approve a similar action against Syria in 2013. Trump ordered the […]