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Is this the reason why IMF issued positive forecast but attached a very long list of warnings?

Trump to sign ‘financial-related’ executive actions on Friday: Sources President Donald Trump is expected to sign two “financial related” executive actions at the Treasury on Friday, sources told CNBC.¬† The […]


What is behind Tillerson’s statement on upcoming “comprehensive review” to determine the U.S. strategy on Iran?

The statement made by Secretary of State regarding Trump’s administration intent to conduct “comprehensive review” on Iran, initially seemed to be surprising. I could not understand why would the U.S. […]

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I do not know what would happen if Donald Trump’s policies are fully implemented. But I can assume what consequences might follow his already implemented or planned to be soon implemented policies.

Deloitte published 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index highlighting that¬†China is the most competitive manufacturing nation for now. But is expected to slip to second position as global executives provide their […]


BP 2017 ENERGY OUTLOOK: The issue of the Climate Change needs to be incorporated into the base case of the forecast

BP published 2017 Energy Outlook. The report outlines potential scenarios for global energy markets over the next 20 years based on assumptions and judgements about future changes in policy, technology […]

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