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Rachel Maddow Show Nov 21, 2017

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The American Dream looks more like the American Nightmare

It is surreal. Who would think that the president of U.S. would be the least trusted individual? On another hand why it suddenly became clear to people that they might be careful with Donald Trump? […]


Apparently, lying to the American public and the international community is a new standard that Trump administration introduced.      

Oil Price Declines: why fundamentals are continuously ignored. UPDATED

Many brokers consider shares of oil and gas companies as attractive investments and recommend these stocks as a good buy. As a justification, they show dividends history in comparison to other sectors.  It has always […]

When investment funds will start pulling off?

I am not a world known business analyst but I would assume I am not a bad one either considering my 12-year experience in Business Development. During this period I have dealt with a wide […]

MY TRIP TO ALTERNATIVE REALITY: Why Trump and his supporters do not want to see FACTS? This is why. PDF

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