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As a lawyer I know that tax regulation is highly complex. In fact, the high level of complexity requires lawyers to go through specific training. Considering a sheer size of American economy it is easy […]


DONALD THE NAUGHTY BOY: Is there anything people should know?

The Article published by the Politicus on 26 April 2017 describes Donald Trump’s response to the ruling by a federal district judge that blocks his executive order halting funding to sanctuary cities like Chicago, Los […]

Economic and market highlights

There are plenty senseless oil and gas forecasts published by leading financial institutions as an attempt to convince people that oil and gas companies will soon be profitable again due to improvement of crude oil […]

FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE SELECTED OIL & GAS COMPANIES: Shall we hope for a brighter tomorrow?

I noticed the growing gap between the reality and recently published reports forecasting a brighter future which will uplift crude oil prices to a healthy level. It wouldn’t be an issue if not one detail. […]


For me, it is difficult to understand on thing. Why people around the the world should face the real threat of nuclear Holocaust over and over again just because the American public decided to play […]

What is behind Tillerson’s statement on upcoming “comprehensive review” to determine the U.S. strategy on Iran?

The statement made by Secretary of State regarding Trump’s administration intent to conduct “comprehensive review” on Iran, initially seemed to be surprising. I could not understand why would the U.S. government decided to do it […]

BRIDGEWATER: ‘The likelihood of a significant Trump fiscal boost has diminished’

The chances of a Trump bump have dropped, according to the world’s largest hedge fund manager. Bridgewater Associates’ co-CIO Greg Jensen and senior investment associate Atul Narayan laid out their reasoning in a client note […]

Official: White House, Pentagon miscommunicated on aircraft carrier’s location

As the White House was talking about sending a naval “armada” to the Korean Peninsula, the very ships in question were on their way to participate in military exercises in the Indian Ocean, some 3,500 […]

Professor Predicts Donald Trump Impeachment ‘Very Likely’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  Writer and professor Allan Lichtman made an early prediction that Donald Trump would win the presidency. He’s back with a new prediction: Trump could be impeached. Lichtman joins the discussion.