DONALD TRUMP CONTINUES DAMAGING THE COUNTRY HE WAS ELECTED TO LEAD: Donald Trump Accuses Pakistan Of ‘Lies’ And ‘Deceit’. Morning Joe. MSNBC. The Rachel Maddow Show 1/2/18 MSNBC

After Donald Trump finished dismantling positions of the United States in the Middle East as a major player, he moved to Asia.

Now he is trying to undermine the relationship with Pakistan. Trump twitted “no more” financial help to Pakistan.

Such irresponsible actions may weaken the ability of Pakistan to fight terrorism. Naturally, it could eventually increase the potential of terrorist attacks on the territory of the United States itself.

It also may have an impact on the US’s presence in the region because Pakistan has provided land for US military bases.

Meanwhile, Fusion GPS made a statement demanding Senate to release transcripts of 10 hours of testimony.

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Fusion found widespread evidence of dealings with Russia and raises a concern over Donald Trump’s questionable business past.