There is no doubt that contribution of the western cultures into the world literature, science, architecture, art, and technology is substantial.

For many centuries, the status of Europe as one of the main cultural centres remains unchanged.

Although the United States of America secured its leading positions much later as compared to Europe, it did not stop the first global economy to equalise its contribution by complimenting Europe’s classicism with refreshing, contemporary, full of energy style.

Today, most of the best universities are in Western Europe and North America: Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Princeton, to name a few. These universities continue to hold a position as the world’s best schools.

London, New York, Paris, Milan and Vienna are home for one of the best theatres. The reputation of these theatres is monumental and would make any Super-Star celebrity to beg for the opportunity of performing on those stages.

Many people would save money and pay a small fortune just to experience a lifetime magical moment – to be in the audience and watch one of those incredible shows that these theatres are so famous for.

The other half who could be in the audience, would not appreciate any of these majestic spiritual events, but they will pay a lot of money to be seen among the elite just to tell their friends about it.

It might sound funny but there is some rationale. The fact that a person watched the show on Broadway or La Scala, would immediately solidify his or her social status because each of these spiritual temples is a celebrity by itself.

Needless to say, that Western Europe presented to the world masterpieces of literature that are considered as priceless components of the global heritage.

Although North America is not as rich, it complements the world literature by contributing in its unique contemporary way. Who did not read fascinating stories created by such talented writers like Jack London, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain and Irvin Shaw?

Western cultures are also blessed with super talented composers like Bach, Beethoven, List, Mozart, whose creations are pretty much relevant today and performed by the best orchestras around the world.

But it is not only about heritage. Western pop culture produced its own royalties – Pink Floyd, Let’s Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Beatles, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Temptation, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson and Jacksons Five, Cher, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and many others. The list goes on and on.

The West has an incredible reserve of talents: Oscar-winning actors, movie directors, world-famous documentary filmmakers, and the entire army of fantastically gifted movies and music producers, screenwriters, and many other gifted people from the entertainment industry.

Milan, Paris, London, and New York are also home for the most demanded designers, who have elevated our perception of clothes to a completely different level making it more equal with creations of art rather than just clothes.

These historical centres would hypnotise visitors by their beauty and richness of architecture.

This is why it is impossible to believe that these centres of cultural triumph are also home to one of the most primitive and disgusting human instincts – racism.

Donald Trump, Brexit and rising far right lead to a question. How these global centres of knowledge that generated colossal intellectual capital have never alarmed others of the growing danger? Or maybe they have but it was not as loud for us to hear?

What Happened? Why people with stagnated mentality started to surface and express their primitive and racists views shamelessly?

How come they are sure it is now acceptable?

What happened to more than a millennium of the cultural heritage that appears to be locked in the libraries which are no longer visited by the majority?

What happened to common sense?

Perhaps the reason lies, as ironic as it might sound, in pop culture or the way it has changed.

In fact, today’s pop culture appears to have little in common with culture because it is more about an obsession with celebrities and anything related to their lives.

Tabloids became “sources of information” and Fox News is considered as a news channel.

There is almost no room for grooming personalities because every billboard screams how people should look, what they need to wear, what they should drive, etc.

In general, the public became obsessed with outa beauty. It looks like people are less concerned about the inner world and spiritual/intellectual evolution.

Not so long ago millions of women were convinced that food shall not stay in their stomach longer than a period of time within which a teenager can last at his first sexual intercourse.

The importance of material rewards almost completely replaced timeless values. It created an environment whereby a growing number of people would not think twice if they see an opportunity to make couple of hundreds of millions of dollars even if it is clearly in breach of existing regulations.

Once upon a time, people like that were rejected by society. But nowadays people like that are welcomed, respected and doors of the most prestige clubs, houses and charity associations are widely open for them. Nobody questions origins of their wealth. Why bother?

It seems that today’s societies around the world finally found the most effective way to rank others. Currently, the level of respect is directly correlated with the number in a bank account or accounts. Quite practical, isn’t it?

Political correctness, or otherwise known as hypocrisy, became paramount. Somehow it is more important to follow established rules precisely than saying the truth.

Mega-rich and their lifestyle are now new “moral compass”. The fact that billions of people cannot afford basic things is ignored.

Unlike celebrities in the past, almost all celebrities of today’s pop culture look-alike with very similar hair extension and fake eyelashes.

Today’s celebrities look so artificial that, possibly, when they take shower, one person enters the bathroom and someone else exits, someone who doesn’t look like the same person.

They have the same type of voice that sounds like they are tired of their wealthy, completely lost and do not know what to do with their wealthy lives.

Their body language clearly manifests that they are so bored because it is almost impossible to impress them. At the same time, most of them are not intellectually developed.

It is only natural that overall cultural regress reshapes politics.

Perhaps one of the first alarms was the appearance of Sara Palin as John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

Possibly, the endorsement of Sara Palin was due to a view that she is truly a forward-looking woman as she could see further than anyone else. It is difficult to argue with this view because who else can see Russia from their porch without having any special equipment.

When a society spins around fake values making people’s spiritual world a bit poorer by day, it awakes the most primitive and dangerous instincts.

Since political correctness solidified its position as a norm it created an environment whereby it is not appropriate to stop those individuals who openly lie, promote hatred and make clearly racist statements.

But it is not logical. Because logic demands people to shame these individuals. Instead of being embarrassed, people shall be proud of themselves if they are able to shame liars, racists and crooks publicly.

It should be understood that if regress is not stopped now, millenniums of cultural heritage will be destroyed eventually. Primitive attitude does not tolerate culture, even the slightest sign of it.

Therefore, gagged racists, liars and crooks shouldn’t be viewed as an embarrassment. Instead, it shall be considered as self-defence. Moreover, it might be something similar to obligation because by stopping stupidity we protect human civilization from barbarians.