We all are born knowing nothing and with no ability to do anything. Then we learn how to sit and later crawl. And when we made first attempts to walk, we used to fall down after every few steps.

However, our desire to walk was so strong that after every fall we stood up and continued learning by making little steps.


If we would afraid to fall, we could never learn how to walk. And because of our irrational fear, the human race would have been gone a long time ago.

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Our mistakes are an important part of life. They are not only one of the main sources of knowledge for us. Our mistakes, perhaps like nothing else, make us wiser. Provided, however, that we are smart enough to learn from our mistakes.

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I am not sure what is exactly the reason but it seems that more and more people lose their ability to use mistakes as a learning tool. Moreover, the population of those who either incapable or refuse to learn has increased considerably.

It might be related somehow to Donald Trump. Because, almost exclusively, people with total lack of ability to think are those who support him.

Possibly, when people support Donald Trump, they expose themselves to something very unhealthy which leads to a permanent and irreversible smoothness of brain.

Since their brain activity stalls due the occurred smoothness, we may refer to them as lazy-brain-smoothies or simply LBS.

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Perhaps the number of LBS has reached the level that made them comfortable enough to start demanding perfection from others. They feel entitled to demand other people do for them absolutely everything, including thinking.

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The confidence of LBS has risen dramatically. Don’t we all remember how KellyAnne Conway said “alternative facts”? On TV!!!

KellyAnne Conway was one of the first representatives of LBS community who started to penetrate mass media a couple of years ago. Since then, things have changed.

CNN Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter was covering a story related to a recent mistake made by CNN in the article on Donald Trump Jr and Wikileaks. One of the invited guests, Dale Jackson, Host the Dale Jackson Show, said that there was an agenda against Roy Moore going back in a decade. According to Dale Jackson, people do not have any reason to believe mass media if they hear only negative things over and over again. He is convinced that negative coverage weaponized the term “fake news” and added that mass media needs to “clean house”.

This is very confusing. How journalists are supposed to report stories about Roy Moore when what he says and does (or did) make it impossible?

Why people consider that negative reporting is a legitimate reason for distrust?

Why it is believed that a story is true only if it is in line with what people want to hear?

What the hell is going on?

Growing population of LBS explains the popularity of Fox and a new wave of racism in the U.S. It is also a remarkable illustration of the fact that when people misunderstand the meaning of words “democracy”, “opinion”, “equality”, “discussion”, it allows stupidity to thrive.

But when it reaches a critical level, stupidity will not treat others as equal members of the society.

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History already knows tragic cases like that. One of them occurred in the 1930s in Germany. We all know what followed.

The ultimate question is why CNN entertained someone like Dae Jackson by inviting him to participate in the discussion?

Why mass media provide platform and opportunity for LBS community to continue to spread their ideology of anti-logic?

Who cares what they have to say. They don’t have an opinion anyway. Because opinion requires knowledge and ability to think which LBS do not have.


Democracy doesn’t mean equality between functional members of the society and stupid people. When people refuse, willingly, to recognize facts, it automatically disqualifies their claim for equality.

Democracy is about responsibility, mutual respect and rule of law. Allowing LBS to have access to mass media to spread their toxins is simply irresponsible as it leads to a situation in which the U.S. is dealing today. And frankly, not only the US but the world is dealing with it too


The final price of such reckless attitude and misinterpretation of democracy might be beyond affordable not only for the U.S but also for the entire world.