Freedom without order in place is no longer considered as freedom. It becomes a chaos.

Rules and regulations are paramount. Although to a certain extent they limit our ability to do what we want, nonetheless they play an important role in daily life by keeping us and other people safe.

Except some universal human rights (right to life, equality before the law) all other rights are conditional. In order for us to exercise our rights, we are required to conform to certain criteria.

For instance, while the right of travel is a fundamental right, the privilege to operate a motor vehicle can be conditionally granted based on being licensed and following certain rules. If rules are broken or laws are violated, the State reserves the right to restrict or revoke a person’s privilege.

Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights. In the United States, the First Amendment was established to help promote the free exchange of ideas and to provide a form of redress to citizens against their government. Additionally, the First Amendment seeks to protect unpopular forms of speech.

Nevertheless, the First Amendment puts some limitations to this right by stipulating clearly what forms of speech are not protected by it.


Even parental rights are not limits free. If it is established that the parent unfit, or he or she is not doing everything for the child within the family’s meals on a limited or low income, a person or both parents may be stripped from their parental rights?

Limitations imposed on our rights are necessary to ensure the balance of interests of all members of the society. The role of limitations is to ensure that mature, responsible attitude is being practised by all members of society.

The right of one person shall not adversely affect rights of others. These limitations allow maintaining harmonious coexistence.


However, except age limit and proof that a person is the citizen of the country, it appears that the right to vote is not subject to any limitations.

There is nothing which could ensure mature and responsible attitude despite the fact that irresponsible voters may cause a severe damage to the national security and/or put the entire world in danger.

What makes people reject facts and ignore logic? What makes them become irresponsible voters? One of the main factors is mass media.

Mass media is a very powerful tool that shapes up public opinion. Irresponsible reporting or intentional broadcast of false information is a recipe for disaster.

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Freedom of the press is identical to freedom of speech under the law. But members of the media are subject to the same restrictions as members of the general public [source: Legal Information Institute].

In its ruling on the 1973 case of Miller v. California, the Supreme Court established the “Miller test” for deciding what types of material qualified as obscene [source: Cohen]. The material must be offensive to an average citizen applying “contemporary community standards” and have no redeeming “literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”

Another limit on the press concerns speech designed to incite immediate violence or unlawful activity.

  • In the 1969 case Brandenburg v. Ohio, the court ruled that only speech that is “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action” can be legally censored.
  • In an earlier decision, the Court ruled that speech that “inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace” has no social value and can be curtailed [source: Legal Information Institute].

But despite the fact that laws are clear, Fox, Fox News and Fox Business personalities (Fox) continue injecting toxins into people’s minds.

One of Fox “products” is Jeff Osia (you can find his profile on LinkedIn)

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Polit Fact published scorecard showing the ratings for statements made on air by Fox and its pundit guests excluding statements made on air by politicians or paid spokespeople.


Recent statements made on FOX

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Considering that the lion share of information or statements aired by Fox is false, it poses a greater damage to the American society than reckless driving or any other offence as it distorts the reality and legitimizes ignorance.

Ultimately, Fox threatens the national security as its toxic strategy may trigger a chaos.

It is fair to say that among other factors, Trump’s victory was possible because of Fox. The damage of his presidency to the United States and the world is well documented.

Therefore, it is unclear why Fox is allowed to continue its destructive activity when effective legislation qualifies it as illegal?

It is known that the existing laws without enforcement become obsolete. It is also known that justice cannot be selective. Because selective justice is not justice.

Democracy requires maturity. Without it, democracy turns into something really ugly which terminates the future of any society.

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