When people express their interest in employment with any company, submitted applications almost always are subject to a pre-employment background review.

For instance. if a person wants to work with FirstGroup America (FGA) and applies for a bus driver position, he or she should meet MINIMUM HIRING STANDARDS SAFETY SENSITIVE POSITIONS.

Interestingly enough, the background review includes:

  • Motor Vehicle Record(s)
  • Criminal History Drug Testing
  • Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) / Department of Transportation (DOT) required physical examination(s)
  • Prior Employment History

The Minimum Standards highlight that any falsification or omissions in the information provided on any pre-employment document may result in disqualification from the hiring process.

The document also specifies general employment criteria considered by FGA for all Safety Sensitive Positions. Among them:

  • A minimum of three (3) years of driving experience
  • No more than two (2) moving violations within the past thirty-six (36) months
  • No more than (2) accidents (verified by corresponding violation or points associated with accident) within the past thirty-six (36) months
  • The ability to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) as required by the position

It seems that in the United States position of a bus driver is considered more important that the job of the US President.

It is logically possible because if the same requirements could’ve applied to those who expressed interest to hold the highest position in the country,  Donald Trump wouldn’t have had a chance.

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Nevertheless, there are no minimum standards requirements for the job of the President due to the perception of certain groups of people (almost 50% of the US population). It is not important to have the experience to lead the country with a population of 350 million people, the #1 world economy.

Here is a brief description of the estimated cost of such perception.

According to the 12 Predictions For Global Geopolitics in 2025, published by the Global Security Review,  growing populism in the West threatens an international order governed by rule-of-law. Tensions between governing elites and their citizens are reshaping global geopolitics. A weakened United States would mean less of an emphasis on human rights and maintenance of global order.

The report indicates that less of a U.S. presence on the global stage creates gaps for authoritarian powers like China and Russia. It also means a heightened risk of conflict arising between competing for regional powers like India and Pakistan or Iran and Saudi Arabia, and an international order comprised of competing “spheres of influence.”

Trump had confused his friend and his enemy, dealing with the former as he should have dealt with the latter. Inexplicably, Trump sacrificed (once again) a crucial US national interest, this time by abandoning the sole force in the Middle East region (outside of Israel) on which America could safely and seriously rely.

The Politiek said that one day, the US will turn the page on Donald Trump. But America will never recover completely from the unstanchable wound that his presidency’s baseness, bull-headed stupidity, and puzzling passivity in the face of China’s global ambitions have inflicted on its culture and international standing. Is Trump a symptom? Or is he a terminal disease?

But for the United States, it also means potential economic decline as with fading global leadership role, business opportunities for American companies would shrink accordingly. Although considering the sheer size of the American economy and its interdependence with many other world economies, it is fair to assume that instead of decline, the economy might end up being on a downward spiral.

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Nitin Nohria, Harvard Business School dean, warns against ‘isolationism’ and says the US must remain an attractive destination for immigrants. Mr Nohria said that effective global leadership requires openness. But Donald Trump’s anti-immigration tone, turning away from globalisation risks damaging the US economy.

Havard Business School dean highlighted that more than 50% of Silicon Valley start-ups have an immigrant co-founder, and it’s essential that we continue to attract these imaginative people.

According to Mr Nohria, value creation (increasing the size of the pie) requires moving from a self-centred to an other-oriented viewpoint. People need to recognise how much deference they receive from other nations because of American global leadership. Isolationism threatens to strip away the negotiating leverage the country has earned from its leadership over many decades.

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Meanwhile, The International Monetary Fund revised its 2017 GDP growth forecast for the US downward from 2.3% to 2.1%, citing the Trump administration’s inability to implement its economic policies.

The IMF also cut its forecast for 2018 US GDP growth to 2.1% from 2.5%.

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The Economic Times reported in June 2017 that the IMF warned of “significant uncertainties” regarding fiscal consolidation, infrastructure investment, renegotiation of trade treaties and immigration policy as some of the factors in the more cautious forecast for the US economy.

According to the Economic Times, the IMF stressed that calls for protectionism and economic nationalism by US authorities cast medium-term shadows on the economy and “a broader retreat from cross-border integration would represent a downside risk to trade, sentiment and growth”.

It is understood that the economic decline would inevitably affect the country’s national security.

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The situation around environmental issues doesn’t promise anything positive in the future either.

The Rolling Stones reported that Trump and his administration have proven their hostility to science over and over again: They’ve approved the use of chemicals proven to cause brain damage in children, loosened air pollution regulations that save lives, and promoted the consumption of fossil fuels, which scientists have known for decades is the warming up our planet and putting the future of civilization itself at risk.

According to the Rolling Stones, the release of a new climate report last week underscored just how hypocritical and downright medieval the administration’s science-denying climate policies really are (a draft had been leaked earlier this year).

The report points out that weather catastrophes from floods to hurricanes to heat waves have cost the United States $1.1 trillion since 1980, and makes plain that those costs will rise dramatically in the future.

The New York Times reports that despite the scientific consensus presented in the report, the Environmental Protection Agency has scrubbed references to climate change from its website and barred its scientists from presenting scientific reports on the subject.

The E.P.A. administrator, Scott Pruitt, has said carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to warming. Rick Perry, the energy secretary, asserted Wednesday that “the science is out” on whether humans cause climate change.

The influence of Donald Trump on the American society is far from positive. With Trump’s victory during 2016 US presidential election, the white supremacy groups, or simply racists, became noticeably more active.

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The Politiek questions, are we living in the époque of Trump, in which Trump’s revival of the “America First” slogan of the American Nazis in the 1930s has encouraged a loosening of bigoted tongues? Could it be that Trump himself, despite his officially pro-Israel positions, is a closeted anti-Semite?

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Apparently, Donald Trump’s ability to damage the US positions in terms of geopolitics, economy, environment or social aspects, includes one more item.

Vanity Faire reported that the one thing that consistently sticks out as a cause for concern is Trump’s crimes against the English language. The majority of Trump sentences are sentence fragments. Words are arranged in a way that only he can understand.

According to Vanity Fair, John Montgomery, a psychologist in New York City and adjunct professor at New York University, said “it’s hard to say definitively without rigorous testing” of Trump’s speaking patterns, “but I think it’s pretty safe to say that Trump has had significant cognitive decline over the years.”


The ultimate question is whether American people do understand the meaning of the phrase – with great power come great responsibility? Not quite it seems.

By electing Donald Trump who is the least qualified person to be the President of the US, with a shady reputation and questionable mental health, Americans endangered not only their own country but also the whole world.

Perhaps, for security purposes, it might be useful to come up with minimum standards requirements, something similar to what FGA has in place.

Of course, there would be no need for such document if Donald Trump could manage to destroy the world before the end of his term.



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