A Leonardo da Vinci painting became the most expensive painting ever sold.

The world’s most expensive paintings: Top 5

In November 2017, a Leonardo da Vinci painting, over 500 years old, became the most expensive painting ever sold. Christ as Salvador Mundi, Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, sold at a Christie’s auction in New York for $450,3 million. The buyer is not disclosed 

Next on the list is Pablo Picasso Women of Algiers. This artwork sold for an impressive $179,4 million at Christie’s in 2015. The buyer is not disclosed. 
Number 3 is Nu Couché (Reclining Nude) was painted by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani back in 1917. The painting sold for $170,4 million in 2015 in a Christie’s auction, with a pre-sale estimate of $100 million. The painting was bought by Liu Yiqian, a billionaire investor and art enthusiast. 
Gustav Klimt’s The Woman in Gold sold for $135 million in 2006. The buyer is unknown. 
And finally, the Portrait of Dr. Gachet. This Vincent Van Gogh painting sold in 1990 for $82,5 million. The adjusted price is set at R149,7 million. The Portrait of Dr. Gachet was auctioned off to Ryoei Saito who is a Japanese manufacturer. 
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