Forbes offers a quick look at the 10 hottest gizmos and gadgets debuting on cars and trucks for the 2018 model year.

Sophisticated safety systems that can take control of a vehicle away from the driver to avoid a crash are becoming commonplace on all but a handful of models. New models come with (or offer) the latest connectivity features that integrate a mobile phone’s functions into the vehicle’s so-called infotainment system for safer hands-free use.

As always, higher end cars receive the latest and most fanciful advancements in vehicular technology, but even mainstream models are pushing the proverbial envelope with an array of advancements. 

All these technological innovations make it difficult to choose which model to buy. Therefore, you might check the U.S.News’ Best Car Rankings which can help to find the best cars, compare models and view new car prices in your area. The U.S.News also published car reviews, which provide the consensus opinion from the automotive press. 

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