It is possible that Donald Trump and his administration would be remembered as the administration of shameless liars. The Guardian reports that Jeff Sessions on Tuesday acknowledged a former aide to Donald’s Trump presidential campaign informed him during the 2016 election about ties to Russian officials, appearing to contradict his own testimony to members of Congress during his confirmation hearing to become attorney general earlier this year.

Jeff Sessions, attorney general, lied under oath several times. It is only logical to assume that people should not expect any justice as long as a liar holds a position of the attorney general.

Another member of Trump Administration, Wilbur Ross, apparently lied about his net worth and failed to disclose his investments in a shipping company that does business with a Russian enterprise partially owned by associates of Vladimir Putin.

Leaked documents and public filings show Ross holds a stake in a shipping company, Navigator, through a chain of offshore investments. Navigator operates a lucrative partnership with Sibur, a Russian gas company part-owned by Kirill Shamalov, the husband of Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova.

Forbes reports that Six Senate Democrats want the Commerce Department to look into whether Ross told the truth when asked about his assets during his confirmation process. “We urge you to examine the veracity of Secretary Ross’s statements about his wealth, including responses provided to Congress,” the senators wrote in the letter, “whether Secretary Ross has provided fabrications about other assets or shielded the existence of assets, and the extent to which false representations impacted the evaluation of and implementation of the ethics agreements he must now follow.”

It is appropriate to ask whether anyone in Trump Administration didn’t lie?Because, based on the recent revelation, it is unlikely that the answer could be positive.

However, considering what has been disclosed to the public it is safe to say that this administration is the most toxic in the history of the United States. 

But Paradise Papers also highlight another issue. What is the role of governments in this mess?

Tax avoidance is the legal usage of the tax regime in a single territory to one’s own advantage to reduce the amount of tax that is payable by means that are within the law. Whereby tax evasion, on the other hand, is the illegal practice of not paying taxes, by not reporting income, reporting expenses not legally allowed, or by not paying taxes owed.

Although tax avoidance is legal, it still causes losses of billions of dollars. In the U.S. alone, the tax collectors at the I.R.S. think they will recover about $52 billion of that lost revenue, resulting in a net tax gap of $406 billion annually. How many schools, low-cost apartment buildings, or other much-needed help could be provided to people who found themselves at the edge of the society?

Those who try to avoid tax are not criminals. Blaming them won’t change anything because it is legally allowed. Therefore, governments shall be questioned why tax avoidance is still legal and why, so far, nothing has been done to fix it. 

I also would assume that one of the reasons why people use laws to avoid tax or ready to sell their own country because material values are advertised aggressively for a couple of decades. Inevitably it shaped people’s mentality. 

The reality shows like “Real Housewives”, women who have nothing to do with real housewives, “Rich Kids of Beverly Kids” which show lives of people who came to this world for one purpose – consume food and produce shit in the morning. And many other examples.

This madness has to stop. It is time to start talking about timeless values, not the fake ones.

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