Just when I thought that Donald Trump would not surprise people anymore, he launched a brutal personal attack on MSNBC journalist Mika Brzezinski.

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It is important for American politicians to decide what is more important for them – the country or political games. The fact that Donald Trump is unstable is well-known. However, his latest tweet is remarkable evidence that he is not a leader. If it is clear to us, regular citizens, it is crystal clear to other foreign powers.

There is another aspect which shows how dangerous Donald Trump has become for the U.S. and the world. His supporters are getting louder. Here is one of them. I had a chance to chat with him. It was about a fake post that Canada is planning to allow Muslim women to wear burqas for driver license photos. If we take look at the language we might see some striking similarities with Trump’s attacks.


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The more Trump remains in power, the more comfortable these individuals will feel.

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