Reality shows that Donald Trump is above the law

I was born in the USSR in 1966. The Soviet Union collapse when I was 25. But I do not recall any scandal involving the Soviet General Secretary (the President) which would compare with the level of the scandal that is continuously shaking the United States today.

Since Turkmenistan (my country) gained independence in 1991, it constantly was compared to North Korea which did not make sense. Turkmenistan isn’t an ideal country (nothing and no one is ideal) but the comparison was wrong due to many factors. Unlike North Korea’s people, citizens of Turkmenistan had a personal satellite dish and could access to a wide range of international TV programs, including 30+ world’s leading news channels. Turkmen people have the right to travel, to vote, etc.  

Yes. There are still issues which my country shall address but what is currently happening in the U.S. automatically characterizes Turkmenistan as a close to perfect country.

Besides Donald Trump’s unprecedented conflict of interest, the fact that he has populated the White House with his family members who openly use it to promote their business, contradicting statements, refusal to disclose his tax returns and the ongoing investigation into his ties with Russia represent incomplete list who no other foreign government could match. 

In addition, Trump’s decision to fire James Comey is additional evidence that the current administration has something substantial to hide and yet, Donald Trump is still in the White House.

Whatever justification is in place, in my opinion, it means only one thing – the United State is the country whereby laws do not work anymore. 

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