“YES CALIFORNIA “: The real danger for the U.S. territorial integrity.

The process of the USSR collapse has started from a few and “funny” statements of some representatives of three Baltic Republic. Although the history behind the Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia claims is different from “Yes California” demand for independence, the downturn of economy and extreme division in the society as well as accelerating corruption appear to have similarities.

Therefore, the danger of “Yes California” shall not be underestimated. The danger is very real for the U.S. integrity because it, undoubtedly, will trigger the domino effect. Once it starts, it would not be possible to stop it.

The process of total U.S. disintegration would take about two years. It might take shorter than that considering Trump administration’s complete lack of experience, political war between Republicans and Democrats, polarised society, racial tensions and, of course, deteriorating economic conditions which will take place as a result of Trump’s policies and lack of transparency. 

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We shall also note that there is one more contributing factor which was not as significant during the disintegration of the USSR. Inability of Donald Trump to run the country and his unprecedented conflict of interest is the only chance for Vladimir Putin to take over the leading position in the world and get done with the United States of America as a country. Because it is clear, there will be no other president who would be as incompetent as Donald Trump …..or there will be no more president of the U.S.

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Ironically, technological development appear to be one of the main tool which is actively used by Russian intelligence agencies. Besides, expanding list of evidence that Russia interfered with the 2016 U.S.presidential elections and signs that the same is taking place in Europe, leave no doubt that the process entered into its initial phase.

It is crucial to understand, the the longer Trump remains in power, the less chances American people have to keep their country intact. It is also important to remember that when (not if) the process with start, millions of people will lose their lives. Therefore, Americans shall put their differences aside and make the right choice.




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