Official: White House, Pentagon miscommunicated on aircraft carrier’s location

As the White House was talking about sending a naval “armada” to the Korean Peninsula, the very ships in question were on their way to participate in military exercises in the Indian Ocean, some 3,500 miles in the opposite direction.

A senior administration official blamed a miscommunication between the Pentagon and the White House over reports that the aircraft carrier has not made its way to the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, as an expected show of force to North Korea.
The official blamed the mixup on a lack of follow-up with commanders overseeing the movements of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier.

US warships sent to Korea: What to know

 US warships sent to Korea: What to know 01:23
On April 8, US Pacific Command, which oversees military operations in the region, issued a statement saying that the Carl Vinson and an accompanying strike group would leave Singapore and head to the Western Pacific, with a US military official telling CNN that it was a “show of force” in response to North Korea’s provocations.
Following the announcement, President Donald Trump and some of his top aides highlighted the deployment as part of the administration’s response to Pyongyang’s recent missile tests.
Trump: 'Armada' heading toward North Korea
Trump: ‘Armada’ heading toward North Korea 00:32
“We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business Network.
And the announcement that the Vinson had been dispatched to the region increased tensions with Pyongyang, with its official Korean Central News Agency calling the carrier’s deployment “nothing but a reckless action of aggression to aggravate the tensions in the region.”

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson leads the guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy and the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain in the Indian Ocean on April 14.

But soon after the Pacific Command statement, US military officials clarified to CNN that the strike group would first complete a previously scheduled military exercise with the Australian navy.
Further confusion was added when Secretary of Defence James Mattis told reporters last week that the exercises had been cancelled. Multiple US defence officials told CNN that Mattis had inadvertently misspoke and that it was a port visit in Australia that was cancelled to allow for the group’s redeployment to the waters near the Korean Peninsula.
The strike group, including the 97,000-ton carrier and its 60-plus aircraft, the guided-missile destroyers USS Wayne E. Meyer and USS Michael Murphy and the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain, will arrive off the Korean Peninsula by the end of April, multiple US defence officials told CNN.
If a regular person would drive recklessly, most likely, if caught by police, he or she would face some consequences. Of course, depending of the circumstances, the consequences could range from unpleasant conversation with officers to the person’s arrest regardless whether there was actual damage caused. Because such reckless driving put public safety in danger and could lead to negative consequences.
Therefore, I cannot agree that the incident of this scale could be explained as “miscommunication”.
CNN indicates that administration’s senior official  blamed it on lack of follow-up with commanders overseeing the movements of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. But this is not sufficient. Moreover, such explanation is nothing but immature to a ridiculous degree.
This incident put millions of people in real life threatening situation. It caused unprecedented rise of international tensions that could lead to irreversible consequences. We are so lucky that nothing has actually happened. Otherwise, country like South Korea could be erased from the world map.
Why is he chasing couple of illegal immigrants, those poor people who just try very hard to survive? Why doesn’t he, instead, find out what the US army is all about and where American navy is currently located? Wouldn’t it be a positive first sign for all of us to realised that finally this child is trying to learn?
The President of the United States is Commander-in-Chief. The world community is not interested who in the administration or the Pentagon forgot to follow-up, which is a scandal by itself. The Commander-in-Chief shall be ultimately responsible.
This information indicates that Donald Trump is not qualified to remain in the office because his inability to be the President of the United States represents real danger for all of us. And vast majority of global community did not participate in the process which put this grown up spoiled, irritating child into the White House.
I cannot say that what happened surprised me. In fact, it didn’t. Because it is logic continuation of the nightmare story called Donald Trump. His total lack of knowledge with regards to international politics, health care, immigration issues, the world economy trends and many other aspects of out increasingly complex world could not lead to anything different.
Having said that, I would really like to finally get the answer on one question. When Donald Trump’s impeachment process is going to start? Will it happen before or after the first nuclear explosion, announcing the beginning of the end of the human race?
I honestly hope that the process will start before “the point of no return” occurs. However, being a realist, I must admit that my hope is getting slimmer and slimmer.