WHAT IS THE CORE REASON FOR THE LOSS OF INNOCENT LIVES: and why are we focused on consequences only?

People of Stockholm unite after the attack. It is difficult to explain why people shall go through such pain. What is clear is that killing of innocent civilians is always nothing but senseless murder.

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When in December 2016 terrorist attack happened in Berlin killing many people, I expressed my views in the Article “I Don’t Want To Be Next”. In it, I made an attempt to suggest how we could start the process that might help us to stop this madness.¬†

It may not work. However, I think if we do not want to be next we shall try any available options. Because how would we know whether it is viable solution or not, if we don’t put it through the test?

Besides, if we look at pictures below without focusing on nationality, aren’t they strikingly similar? Or maybe even more horrifying.

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There is no doubt that anyone who takes people life does not deserve mercy. Deranged fanatics shall be either eliminated or put behind bars.

But where those deranged fanatics are coming from? They were not born with this hostile mentality. Most likely such mentality might have been groomed gradually. Because as we look at these pictures it becomes clear that it is not possible to produce civilised society when poor souls have to grow up in Hell on Earth.

If we continue to use position of strength to resolve the issue of terrorism, we might also need to think how many more bullets we are required to produce and how many more prisons it would be necessary to build? I do not know the answers for these questions.

But I know that if we continue to apply the same method despite the fact that it doesn’t work, our future might look far from attractive.

We may end up engaged in endless and ever-expanding industrial scale of bullets production as well as booming construction industry without any sign of a crisis on horizon. Because we would build prisons instead of beautiful condominiums and office buildings.

Meanwhile, we would also get used to the fact that innocent people are killed left and right as it would likely to become our day-to-day reality. We would also get used to the idea that we have a good chance to be next.