I did not plan to write anything on this subject matter. It happened accidentally (luckily this accident is not about unwanted pregnancy).

I visited one blog on WordPress, The Violet City and found short poem about an answer to what is happiness. It was interesting to read “What is Happiness?”. I could relate to this topic. Initially I just wanted to leave my comments, but somehow it ended up to be a short story. And I thought that it might be a good idea to share it with you.


I have finally arrived to a logical conclusion that allowed me to define what happiness really means. Strangely enough, it actually a bit different from how it described in literature or shown in the movies.

Apparently, happiness is not always about uplifted mood and smiles. Instead it could be quite opposite, at times. But that’s OK. Provided, of course, that the core of this mysterious state of mind/soul/spirit (happiness) remains intact and its authenticity is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

It has little to do with monetary value too. In fact it has nothing to do with it. Because money are there to provide us with certain level of comfort. But comfort has never made anyone happy. It is true not by accident but because making us happy is not money’s assigned role. This role is assigned to people. People make us happy.

And when some of them leave us to explore other worlds the beauty of which is not possible to describe by any language, and others are running out of energy to continue making us happy, neither money nor its amount would compensate the loss. Even if the amount looks like a phone number including an international dialling code 🙂

But even then, it would be too early to consider it as the end of the road. Two things may play a role of a life jacket: sense of humour and realisation that we came to this world for a purpose. As I like to say, I refuse to believe that the only reason I am here is to consume food and produce “S” in the morning. And by “S” I do not mean Swiss Chocolate 🙂

If I use simple language to describe what is happiness, I would just say it is realisation of your self-fulfilment. When we understand that we remain not just relevant but also needed by other people, it is vivid sign of happiness. Moreover, we are needed not only by people but pets as well.

So, this, in my view, is true happiness – to be needed. Because it is such a pleasure indeed to give and see that what you shared with others, helped them in their journey. And it is not important what we get out of it. The fact that we did not look the other way but instead assisted someone to find the right solution or, possibly, even become a better person, shall already make us feel happy.  

Perhaps, this is why I prefer to give without asking anything in return. When our intent to help is authentic, there is no place for any thoughts regarding compensation. Besides, it also provides us with a very solid reason to respect ourselves. Isn’t this a true happiness?