Morning Joe 4/6/17 President Donald Trump Struggles In Polls Two Months After Office


QUESTION: Why Donald Trump is still not impeached?

My thoughts: What is not clear to me whatsoever is that he still has some people who support him. If, for instance, I would say that I am an honest and result oriented person and that is why people shall choose me as a chairman of the committee in condominium where I live.

And then most of my close friends, one after another, would be found guilty in either committing a crime or false statements (which may be qualified as an obstruction of justice), or secret meetings, the nature of which suggests that discussed issues may damage the community interest, would people still believe that I am honest?

As they say, tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who you are. It allows me to conclude that those who still support Donald Trump are just like him. IN this case, who cares whether they support him or not. The majority’s interest is something way more important.

Question: Why Donald Trump is still not impeached?