I knew that I have something to say but I was hesitant to start my own blog because I am not good at IT related issues. Everything changed in February 2017 when I saw advertisement of WordPress. Or so I thought.

Since I am not really good with IT issues I signed up for Business Plan, which is the most expensive. I did it because WordPress said that there is 24/7 support.

Initially everything was going fine. Almost immediately the number of visitors was quite impressive. Most of them found my site via search engine. The best day in terms of views was 27 February, 195 views. It remains the best day, until today. 

So, I thought that finally the happy days have come. But on 23rd March, I noticed that the number of visitors dramatically reduced. Moreover, It had dropped from minimum 80% to less than 1% of those who found my blog via search engine. 

When I contacted WordPress, its staff informed me that there is no problem. But it did not make any sense. I continued to ask them to check but there was little help. All they could do is to dump useless links at me. My request to assist as I am not good at IT issues, did not convince these people (I have to say that the language they speak is quite different from normal).

Finally they said that there is some technical issue. WordPress explained that too many categories, but I did not create more than 1000 of them. I have only 10 categories. it took them a while to delete most of the categories, but I still have more than 7000 tags. When that is going to be cleaned up and why they were accumulated, no one explained to me.

Until today, I continue to experience problems. For few days I could not use customiser simply because it did not work. To publish a new post is a headache. I am not even think anymore about the number of visitors as other issues continuously destruct me. And, of course, 24/7 support has nothing to do with the word “support”.

Well. If anyone else experiences the same, please contact me by leaving your comment here. But if you are that lucky one who only thinks to start blogging, please take my advise – use other platform. Avoid WordPress by any cost. If they treat Premium Customer like this, imagine what others are going through.