It is interesting, why the Donald Trump impeachment process hasn’t started yet? Donald Trump has already demonstrated to the entire world that yes, he does have unprecedented conflict of interest and he just doesn’t care. His team consists exclusively of people who are well trained to quickly to come up with false statements without blinking.

Just when we thought that there cannot be anything more shocking, Donald Trump has converted the White House into his private house. Therefore, it is not surprising that the current U.S. presidential administration looks more like a family business. Now I understand what it means when a “businessman” runs a country. The difference is that the rest of the world calls it “corruption”

What I do not understand is what happened to the legal system of the U.S.? What happened to the Ethics Committee? Is it only authorised to recommend? Is there any enforcement mechanism of its recommendations? And if not, who needs the Committee which is actually about nothing?

What happened to other branches which are in place to ensure that the law is observed? Is it it another indication that there are two sets of laws in the United States, one set for ordinary people (majority) and completely another set for so-called “1%”?

Why media continues to provide platform to these people by interviewing them? We all know what they are going to say. We know it even before the interview takes place. They will say “all the right things” which they actually do not follow. Do journalists realise that by providing them with air time they actually make them stronger?

I just cannot understand, where is the United States in this picture? I mean where is the country which I used to admire long time ago. I guess it is gone forever. 

My scepticism is not totally groundless. The fact is that corruption does not have shame. It also acquires a new taste of power quicker that we think. The country which was build by people within 250 years will be destroyed by the corruption in a couple of years.

It will happen. Not because I want it (I really don’t). But it will happen because this corruption is not planning to go away and it does not have survival instinct. It is like deadly virus which continues to destroy a body until it kills it.

It happened before and it will happen again.