Ex-Fox chief Roger Ailes, host Bill O’Reilly hit with more sexual allegations

A Fox News contributor came forward to level more sexual-harassment allegations against deposed chief executive Roger Ailes on Monday, two days after it was revealed the network’s most popular on-air personality, Bill O’Reilly, has settled multiple complaints about his own behavior with women.

O’Reilly returned to the air on Monday following a weekend report in The New York Times that he and his employer had paid five women $13 million to settle allegations of sexual harassment or other inappropriate conduct by Fox’s ratings king.

He didn’t discuss the harassment allegations detailed against over the weekend in his first show back at work.

The top-rated cable news host had segments on Democrats opposing Donald Trump and a story with contributor Jesse Watters visiting Columbia University to ask if Fox News Channel was welcome there. 

Meanwhile, the lawyer for another woman who says she was punished for rebuffing O’Reilly’s advances called on New York City’s Human Rights Commission to investigate O’Reilly’s behavior.

The new lawsuit against Ailes was brought by Fox’s Julie Roginsky and is notable because it accuses Fox’s current management of trying to cover up for Ailes.

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