Unconditional …


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“I will love you no matter what … “. I am sure that the most of us have either said it or been told or witnessed when someone pronounced these words. It would be wonderful if it could be true in 10% of cases, at least. But, unfortunately, it is not.

I don’t imply that when a person say it, it is not what he or she means. At that particular moment, it seems very genuine. I have no doubt that in most of the cases that person is damn sure that he or she would do exactly what he or she said.

However, as they say, life is stranger than fiction. Or as I say, life would never stop surprising us. Just when we think we experienced it all, this girlfriend has something new in her sleeve to surprise or shock us. 

That is why, I am not saying that I have seen it all anymore. Because there is always something which I have not.

Anyway, it is true that time to time we have chance to love, it is also true that quite often it leaves as suddenly as it arrived. What not clear to me is where does it go? And if it is God’s gift, why is it taken away? Why everlasting love is rather extremely seldom? And, of course, is there such thing as unconditional love?

If there are few examples which could be described as “unconditional love”, it still would not mean anything because the clear majority of people are unlikely to experience it.

I am not sure whether our intellectual development is the reason for it, or ever-growing role of material values. The fact indicates that the further we go, the less chance for us to feel it.

Perhaps, our inability to feel unconditional love is because we devalued its meaning. Besides reality, we can see the evidence of such devaluation by watching TV. For instance, “Bachelor” or ” Bachelorette” or whatever else so-called “reality TV” which has nothing to do with reality.

Maybe we have lost the ability to love unconditionally because we seldom say what we mean? “Lying a little bit” became a norm and we did not notice how and when we became hypocrites. But love does not stand hypocrisy.

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The good news is that unconditional love did not completely vaporised. Unfortunately, this good news is not for us, humans.

Nowadays, these blessed creatures are dogs. They managed to preserve this valuable quality. They would love you no matter what.

They don’t care whether you are rich or poor. They don’t notice that you are beautiful or not so much, top model or regular person, well dressed or naked. They are not interested if you are hero of coward, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or representative or any other religion.

It seems, they have no interest in any of those things. In fact, they have no clue what “rich” or “poor”, ‘model”, “regular person”, or religion mean. Dogs would love you just because it’s you.

They will wait for you although you did not promise to come at certain time. And they will be genuinely happy to see you when you eventually step in.

Dogs are blessed with priceless gift, to love unconditionally. And knowing that love is nothing but God’s gift, I suspect that dogs are sent to us with hope that we might be able to wake up one day and realise what is the true values.