YOUTUBE SUCKS: Why you should avoid its service

Have you ever tried to create video by using YouTube service? If not, please avoid doing it, if you love yourself.

If, however, you would still want to try it, make sure that you are ready to face huge waste of your valuable time.

While you are trying to figure out the sequence of images, the error message will occur constantly. Consider yourself lucky if that error is fixed by reloading the page. Because if it remains for God knows what reason, it will convert itself into another message “Your video is too short …. “, or something like it.

But of course, it is too short. I am trying to put it together.

Even if you would try to start over, you must be ready to stop believing in miracles. The irritating message will keep on appearing.

Funny, but the “error” message appears way much quicker than YouTube’s help. In fact, I begin to believe that there is no help.

After all, it is called You-Bloody-Tube. Which I would think is like a hidden message – “… it is your problem. We don’t give “anything”. Therefore, we don’t care.”

(maybe we should thank that governments which ban YouTube – they really do care about their citizens)

I also found it strange. EU and North America have so many regulations, including what size of banana shall be sold in the supermarkets. How come there is no regulation to make sure that people who speak only “computer language” are forced to provide decent service?

I should check which agency takes care of these guys. Because what is unfair is unfair. And I don’t give “anything” whether it is YouTube or whatever else. When it sucks, it sucks. Period.