REAL ENTERTAINMENT: Or as they say – MOU MAN TAI – No Problem


We all know that when we finally pack our bags and go to long-awaited vacation, we do not say “no” to any of our wishes. Well, at lease we are trying not to say it and indulge ourselves a little bit.

Certainly, first in our agenda is usual stuff. Historic sites, museums, shopping. But when seductive shades of the nightlife cover our side of the planet, we go to fun places.

If it is our first visit to a country, we usually explore the most advertised pubs, restaurants and clubs. Neon lights of those entertainment centres attract visitors and locals like a magnet and before we know it, we become an integral part of the human ocean which misleadingly convinces us that fun is never going to end.

But, in my view, the issue of this main entertainment centres is that they all are more or less the same. And the more we travel, the more we begin to notice that it is actually true.

According to my experience, if people want to have a crash introductory course to a local culture (in terms of the nightlife), it is necessary to step aside from the tourist centres. It worth it because it would provide with a priceless experience.

I live and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 12 years. Although I am not qualified as a tourist here, I can give a few tips to those visitors who are interested to see a different, but not less attractive side of Kuala Lumpur.

I have recently discovered a very interesting pub which is located in the area of KL called Taman Tun Doctor Ismail, or TTDI in short. The pub’s name is Tom, Dick & Harry’s. 

If you are visiting from one of the western countries, please don’t be discouraged by the name (sounds western). Although you may find some similarities with western pubs, it does have a local flavour.

I am not going to describe what food do they serve because you can find it online. Just in case, please visit It has enough information to satisfy anyone’s curiosity in this respect.

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I would rather describe people who work there. In the end, what makes any country or city or neighbourhood beautiful? In my opinion, it is always about people that you would have a chance to interact with.

By the way, I do not represent this place or paid to write about it or receive any other reward from the owner. I just thought that it would be a good idea to share my experiences.

So, when you enter, you will be greeted by one of the crew members. The name of the crew is “Mou Man Tai” which means “No Problem” in Cantonese. I have to say that these guys deserve to be called this way.

In Tom, Dick & Harry’s you will experience a five-star service. However, the original five-star lacks a very important component as compared to the service which you will have a pleasure to enjoy – the genuine nature of it. I believe I can say it because some people call me DIVA (for no reason, I suppose). 

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The entire atmosphere of the pub is so friendly and relaxing that it makes me drive 20 or 30 minutes from the downtown where I live to TTDI. This is where I can forget for a short while about stresses and other shortcomings of our modern existence and enjoy life the way it supposed to be.

Perhaps, I shall say no more. Because I would really want you to be pleasantly surprised. And although the pub is a bit far from the main entertainment centres of Kuala Lumpur, I would suggest to call for taxi and get your butt over to Tom, Dick & Harry’s

I should probably add that Ronnel, M.J., Cerio and Nicko are from Philippines and Mamun is from Bangladesh. And this is another very attractive side of Malaysia. This is where people from different part of the world become locals and blend into one human race. If honestly, I do not know any other country which would compete with Malaysia in this category.