Trump’s laptop ban could lead to “runaway fires” in baggage hold: Expert

The cabin baggage ban on laptops and tablets on some direct flights to both the U.S. and U.K. has been questioned over its fire safety by one airline analyst.

In the United States, the ban affects planes coming from airports in Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait City, Qatar, Morocco Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

John Strickland, an aviation expert, and director at JLS Consulting said Thursday that there was a real danger to loading a plane’s hold with lithium battery items.

“If these batteries are damaged they could have this thermal runaway fire and that itself is a security challenge of a different kind that the airlines would have to wrestle with,” he said.

Last year the UN aviation agency blocked cargo shipments of lithium-ion batteries, used in many such electronic devices, from being carried in the cargo holds on passenger planes.

Strickland added the fact that the European Union has not followed suit, raised questions over the ban’s efficacy.

“Why are we not getting a follow through in Europe? Because there are other itineraries that customers can follow.

“And if they still wish to achieve a terrorist aim they can do it,” he said.

Strickland claimed some airlines are already advertising that on their flights people do not have to pack away their electronic items.

He said business travellers from the Gulf to the United States will likely live with the ban, but those travelling via Asia may look for other routes and airlines will be sensitive to that.

“I wouldn’t overplay that right now, but it is something airlines will be watching on their bookings, minute-by-minute, and hour-by-hour.” Go to CNBC to read more

My Comments: At least this time Trump’s ban is not about people. I guess we shall treat this as a good news, provided that we do not end up on one of those flights loaded with laptops. I think that captain’s announcement “… relax and enjoy your flight” might not be appropriate. How would it be possible to relax and enjoy when you know that uncontrollable fire may happen at any time. 🙂  

On the bright side, TSA agents can go home. We do not need their “help” anymore. Since now travelling by air does not guarantee the arrival, who needs TSA? Or maybe this is the way Trump implements his proposal on budget cuts.

Seriously, does Donal Trump knows anything at all? I thought he knows nothing only about politics. But it appears that he just knows nothing. Period.

I would never imagine that one day I could say this about the President of the United States.