Trump to ask Merkel for advice on Ukraine conflict, Putin: US officials


CNBC reports that President Donald Trump will ask German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her views on how the United States can help resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine when they meet next week, senior Trump administration officials said on Friday.

Trump is also interested in hearing Merkel’s view on how to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the officials said.

Three senior Trump administration reporters briefed reporters at the White House on Merkel’s coming visit to Washington.

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It is no longer surprising that Donald Trump knows very little about international affairs. But somehow he still manages to surprise the entire global population by showing how little he knows about politics. 

I think that the United States image has never been so badly damaged ever before. Within less than first 100 days in power, he already made the world to laugh out loud and cry at the same time many times over.  And knowing that Trump is not planning to get a bit smarter anytime soon, we shall be ready for lots of entertaining news to come.