Trump Signs Revised Travel Ban

STATISTA REPORTS THAT U.S. President Donald Trump has signed a revised travel ban on citizens from majority-Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa. He had signed the first such decree at the end of January, which then failed in the courts of justice. The revised ban now allows Iraqi citizens and green card holders and dual nationals from the remaining six countries, to which the ban still applies, to enter the U.S. New immigrants and refugees from those countries, which Trump deems dangerous, are still barred for at least 90 days.

chartoftheday_8404_trump_signs_revised_travel_ban_n (1)This chart shows countries affected by initial & revised temporary travel ban by executive order, by # of inhabitants*

As I mentioned in my earlier post on this subject matter, this travel ban is nothing but a severe breach of national and international laws. There is no such thing as a legitimate executive order with violates numerous provisions of the fundamental principles. Because it is sacrosanct that international legislation always prevails over national and no so-called “national security issues” could justify it.