Kakajan Haytlyyev

I always thought that I am a very secure person. I have achieved something in life, well read, good sense of humour, not a top model but not bad looking, etc. However, my confidence was shaken when I decided to write a book. 

The reason for my doubts is my relatives – my grandfather was a famous writer, my father was a well-known professor and it somehow convinced me that I cannot be less good than they were.

It took me a while to realise one thing. We all are good in our potential. The problem is we are convinced that are or might not be as good because people constantly compare one to another. We do not even think to question whether such comparison is correct.

An additional factor that contributes to this problem is media. Various sources are tirelessly trying to convince us that we all shall have someone as a role model. We are constantly told that this is what “likeable people” are doing, or this is what “talented people” prefer to do, and so on.

The flow of information of this sort is so enormous that we do not have enough time to stop a think – wait a minute, who said that those people are likeable? I may not like them because what they do is not what they think. They are too busy to say only pleasant things to people because they desperately need to be liked. That means that so-called likeable people are nothing but fake.

Or, if not likeable people, shall I follow talented people in terms of what they prefer to do? Maybe not. Because that people managed to discover their talent because they followed their heart. If I follow them I will never discover my talent and in the best-case scenario will become a good copy of THEM. No. I do not what to be a copy of anybody. I want to be myself.

Therefore, I started to think what I would like to do? Something which I always wanted to do but never thought I would do it. Something which I was afraid to admit to myself that I want to do it. So, I ended up in the comedy club and did a stand-up.

When they announced my name and I was walking to this microscopic stage, I thought – what the hell are you doing? But when I grabbed the mic, it was so natural and everything went even better than I have expected.

It made me understand one very important thing. I am 50 now. If I would not listen to all this rubbish, how much more I would accomplish by now? 50 years is more that 50% of my life. I was not utilising my full potential because I was convinced I am not good enough.


It is never too late. The truth is that we all have talent. Most probably there is nobody who is talentless. But because of these stupid recommendations that are given every day many people cannot discover their talent.

Stop listening to them. Stop wasting your life. Do not do what others do, even if those others are talented and famous. They are NOT YOU.

There is nothing better than to be yourself. You have only one life. Why would you want it to be wasted by trying to be a copy of someone else? Even if you would make that copy perfect, it is still not the original.

You need to follow what you want, even if the entire world would tell you that you are not good enough. It is not easy and sometimes you would feel that it is better to be like everyone else. But the truth is that it is not better. You are not just like everybody else. You are different and unique. If the world says that you shall give up your dream, your answer to the world shall be – shut up the world.

You may fail, but failure is a part of the process. Do not afraid to fail because the biggest failure you would ever experience if you would waste your life by ignoring your dreams and doing absolutely nothing about it.

Moreover, failure is the best teacher as it teaches us how to become better. When we are born, we cannot even sit. Then we begin to crawl, and then we try to make our first steps. We fall, get up and walk again. If we would afraid to fall, we would never be able to walk. Please remember it. Life is too short.