WALKING DEAD: Trumptin Scandal


kakajan haytlyyev

All of us, at least once, have been unfortunate enough to understand that a person lied to us. When confronted, this person would admit it but also say that he or she misspoke or misunderstood something. But we know that it was not about the wrong choice of words or misunderstanding. It is obvious that for some reason the person simply lied. Once it is clear, most likely, we do not want to communicate with this individual.

However, I must admit that I have been fortunate enough so far because I never met people who would lie so consistently that if they stop telling lies it would be strange. Maybe my luck not having such people in my life can be explained that I prefer to see the reality the way it is. If I face with lies, I do not pretend that it did not happen. Instead, I discontinue my interaction with such people and delete them from my contacts.

Now we all can say that somehow we run out of luck. Because it appears that unthinkable has happened. The president of the United States and his team are those people who continuously telling lies. And thanks to the technological progress of 21st century, it is well documented.


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So by now, people who are still capable of thinking know that not a single word these people say shall be trusted. And taking into account that they lied under oath, I would think that they shall not get away with it just by resigning. They have to be prosecuted because they breached the law.

I also think that Donald Trump and his team are not the only people who should face justice. Since Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party, those who voted for him shall be investigated too. Because it is difficult to imagine that these people had no idea whom they are voting for to represent the party during 2016 presidential election campaign.

Lies have never been something positive. It is considered as a disgusting quality. In jurisprudence, lies may simply destroy the case. If a witness caught by not saying the truth, his or her statements will be dismissed, because it has no credibility. As the result, the entire case may fail.


As the result, the entire case may fail. I believe this example shall apply on TRUMPTIN scandal. If we seriously want to maintain clarity of understanding what is right and what is wrong, I afraid there is no other option. Because in my view, Trump and his administration are walking dead because they are dead emotionally and spiritually. They lost their right to belong to the human race.


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