CAROLINA HERRERA:Talent bigger than Pacific Ocean


Carolina Herrera is an American fashion designer known for her “exceptional personal style”. She dressed various First Ladies, including Jacqueline Onassis, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump.  


This is how most of the articles would describe this extraordinary person. But if you ask me, I am not sure whether I would approve such description. And I can explain why I would rather disagree with it.

Fashion requires very unique skills which cannot be acquired. A person shall be born with a special gift. Therefore, only selected few are fortunate to have it. Otherwise, how we explain that designers are able to transform clothes into pieces of art. 

As far as I understand, Fashion Industry is very unforgiving. It requires very unique skills which cannot be acquired. Only selected few are fortunate to have it because a person shall be born with this gift. Otherwise, how we explain that designers can transform clothes into pieces of art. 


Unlike any other business, fashion is less about what was achieved.The lion share of its attention is focused on what designer is doing now. Is the designer continues to mesmerise the public by his or her creations? If creativity is no longer at the required magical level, Ms Fashion would not think twice and exclude the name of a less fortunate from the LIST.

Although I am not privileged to know Carolina Herrera personally but I know of her. I watched her interviews and I am familiar with her art. This is the reason why I think that reference to “exceptional personal style” is not enough to describe Carolina Herrera as it does not illustrate an enormous scale of her character. 


I would think that a better way is to say that Carolina Herrera belongs to a circle which is beyond exclusive. Her collections are vivid confirmation that her positive energy does not have any limits. If we could only have more people like her, perhaps our world would be a much better place. inshot_20170303_224657ccccccccccccccccc

I guess the best would be to show what her unquenchable creativity delivers. I took some pictures in CH boutique in Suria KLCC. I need to highlight that I did not use a professional camera. I took these picture by using the camera of my phone. Please take a look. I hope you would enjoy it.











That is all from me. I need to highlight one more thing. I am sure that ladies would love to hear it. Despite the fact that CH is a high-end boutique, the best half of the human race will be positively surprised to learn that all these items are very affordable.

I would also like to say that I do not work for CH or any other fashion outlet or paid to write this. I just thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate to visitors that in the last few years, Malaysia transformed into a branded shopping paradise.

For visitors from Europe and North America, it would be a discovery to see that in terms of shopping and design (from A to Z), Kuala Lumpur, in my opinion, is getting ahead of the capital cities which are considered as leaders in this field.

I hope you will enjoy your stay in this beautiful country. 🙂 K.J.