I am a smoker. But I agree that it shall not be allowed to smoke everywhere. Having said that, it is difficult not to notice that anti-smoking activists are going way over the top. Suddenly it is prohibited to smoke in the bars or outside. In my opinion, such “anti-smoking extremism” shall not be allowed too. Any I can explain why I think so.

We are told that smoking kills. If it is so then smoking is probably the slowest killer the world has ever seen. I started to smoke when I was 16. I am 50 now. I look younger than my age (some people think that I look like I am 40), I am fit (size 30-32 depend on which brand) and I am healthy. My blood is almost ideal. My cholesterol level in the middle of the norm.

Therefore, I am not clear why we have so many restrictions when it comes to smoking? And if the danger of tobacco is not exaggerated, then why am I healthy and look younger?

I do not understand why tobacco products are singled out? Alcohol is not less dangerous than tobacco. Alcoholics would be able to do something which smoker would never do.

For instance, how many people are killed every day due to drunk driving? We do not have anybody killed because of the smoke driving unless we are talking about smoking something else, not cigarettes.

Or, how many people suffer or killed because they live with an alcoholic? Even if alcoholics are those individuals who are not aggressive, unlike smokers, they are dysfunctional. And how many of them die due to alcoholism-related causes? Somehow, we do not see horrifying pictures on those products. We also do not see any terrible pictures on bottles of whisky or vodka. Those bottles still look sexy.

The latest information, which is advertised much less than anti-tobacco campaigns, indicate that obesity and stress are number one killers. I think it is more harmful than smoking because it leads to heart problems and high blood pressure as well as diabetes, which eventually kill people.

I knew quite a number of obese people who passed away at an early age and they were not smokers. Therefore, I would like to ask people who are so active in promoting non-smoking lifestyle the following questions:


If tobacco is not just dangerous but it kills us, then why is it still legal to sell cigarettes?


If cigarettes kill, why governments are the biggest revenue collectors from the cigarettes sale? Is it because governments neglect their priority role – to care about citizens health, or because it is not that dangerous?


Why are cigarettes singled out? Why alcoholic drinks and products that contain sugar are still not advertised as the most dangerous?


Why does fast food not suffer from any pressure from the lawmakers, although it is proven that it is damaging to our health?

My father started to smoke when he was 14, He quit smoking at when he was 75. He passed away at the age of 82. Whereby my mother did not smoke and she also was not a drinker, may be few glasses of wine a year. Nevertheless, she passed away at the age of 75.

I know many other examples that would suggest that it might not be the case when we are told that smoking kills.

I would also like to highlight that I do not promote smoking. I am aware that smoking cannot be classified as something healthy. But so is pollution, stress, sugar, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy food, and drinks. Having said that, I think that everything must be done in moderation.

When we do not abuse it, it is not going to kill us. Our health is a result of combination many components that constitute that very “package” which make our life better.

In conclusion, I would like to say this. Once my wife asked me whether I am planning to quit smoking soon. I answered that I will quit smoking immediately if she would explain to me the difference between dying healthy and not that much.

Life is too short, we shall enjoy every aspect of it. Just one condition – do not abuse.