CNN Reported that Jeff Sessions met twice last year with Russian Ambassador. Sessions reportedly denied that he had met with Russian Ambassador. Now he says that he does not remember meeting with the Ambassador.

Democrats and Republicans call Jeff Sessions to resign.

QUESTION 1: How is it possible to forget meeting the Ambassador of the Russian Federation twice? 

QUESTION 2: If it is possible, is Jeff Sessions qualified to lead Department of Justice? Because it appears that he might have Short Term Memory Loss Syndrom.

QUESTION 3: Does TRUMP’s Administration has any clue what moral compass, or national interest, or serving your nation, what is right and what is wrong?

QUESTION 4: Do LAWS still exist in the United States? Because I begin to doubt it. This is the 3rd (Third) Case when one of the TOP Representatives of TRUMP’s team meet with Russian officials and initially deny that they met with Russians. Only when pushed to the corner, they admit it and always offer some kind of a ridiculous explanation.

So, if I am wrong and LAWS still do exist in the U.S, is any of them going to be indicted or at least suspended? Because to me, if proven after the investigation is finalised, it is nothing but treason.

QUESTION 5: Does anybody left out there who still thinks that Donald Trump has nothing to do with all these cases involving 3 (three) top representatives of his team? If no, when the impeachment process is scheduled to take place?