I am sure that it is not me who was the first to realise that the expression “American Dream” has some mismatching elements, to say the least. But I think it is ok if I share my views on this.

In my opinion, the way it sounds, “American Dream”, is not natural. Because DREAM is our expression of hope. It is an avenue for us to visualise how bright our future might be. Since nobody in this world knows what future holds, we all hope that things will eventually be very positive. We dream of better future. Therefore, it might not be possible to live “American Dream” or any dream for this matter, because we live in the present, not the future.

Although Ms Future has a lot of surprises for us, there are ways to predict whether we would like her to surprise us or rather avoid receiving them as her “gift” to us. All it takes is for us to pay attention and be aware of what is going on.

Meanwhile, numerous facts indicate that society is moving the wrong way. Daily reality shows that a “driver” missed the right turn. But people continue to think that well-being for all is still achievable and refuse to recognise the reality.

The ever growing wealth gap, sky-high student debt, decreased mobility and vapourising middle class appear not to be convincing enough.  It seems that the majority is affected by a mysterious virus which caused selective vision and hearing. Maybe this is the reason that they still talk about “American Dream”.

I also think that this very “American Dream” is actually nothing and about nothing because DREAM does not have a nationality. It does not recognise geographical borders or passports or any other types of IDs.  DREAM is truly international and global. It is very cosmopolitan, just the way people supposed to be. 

But because of few individuals who monopolised power a while ago and want to keep it, our civilisation has all these types of artificial IDs. It makes the minority’s wish to come true. We assisted it to happen when we decided to believe in all these nonsense artificial barriers and empty phrases.

This wrong choice made us lose trust to each other. When there is a lack of trust, there is no unity. Due to this self-inflicted division, it is easy to control population. All it requires is to provide people with “toys” for them to play and not cry.


Those individuals who do not believe me or strongly disagree with me, I would like to give only one recommendation. If you do not belong to “1%” or maybe other “10%” who are in good shape financially, why don’t you check your bank account and see your financial position?

Then you should study all details that would show with all cruel clarity how much debt you have, what will happen if you lose your job or get sick, or if the interest rate on your loans goes up or whatever else happens and what backup plans you have. 

I am sure that almost half, if not more, of the remaining 89% of the population would realise that they live at the borderline and if anything happens, they would not be able to withstand the impact.

Once it is understood, I hope it might help people to start recovering from this mysterious disease and see clearly that, in fact, the “AMERICAN DREAM” is nothing but the “AMERICAN NIGHTMARE”.