Trump Lies: Lawmaker “Got Confirmation” Russia Plan Delivered to White House

There are mountains of circumstantial evidence that Trump and his team were constantly in contact with Russia during Trump’s election campaign and after his victory.

When a story that Flynn contacted Russian Ambassador regarding the lifting of sanctions against Russia, Trump and others denied that it and called media fake.

Now,  Andrey Artemenko, a far-right Russian-friendly member of Ukraine’s parliament, confirmed that he met with Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen and Russian-American Adviser to the Trump Organization Felix Sater and they discussed how to resolve the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Allegedly they also talked about Russian sanctions plan.

When New York Times and Washington Post reported that Michael Cohen hand delivered the plan, he denied that he met with anyone from Russia. Then he admitted it and said so what?

How is it possible that Trump is still in the White House?

What else suppose to happen for people to understand that Trump is not the one who leads America to be great again, or to stay the world economy No.1. Trump is the No.1 threat to the national security. He leads America to crash and never be great again.

He leads America to a disaster.

Trump is capable of making America never be great again.