by Kakajan Haytlyyev


Leo Tolstoy said: 

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”


This quote is more than a hundred years old and yet it sounds very fresh because it is perfectly relevant to our modern reality. It clearly demonstrates that although people would talk about changing the world, they would not really mean it.

And since they do want to change themselves, I assume that they want the word to fit into their personal perception instead. Perhaps it would not such pressing issue if not an alarming rise of sentiments which cannot be qualified other that racism.

It is not difficult to spot a racist because he or she would clearly express views which are not just inappropriate but also should be criminalised. Racists’ look has specific anti-charm. Maybe it is the reason they all look alike as siblings who were given birth by the same parents with a very long history of alcohol abuse and drug additions.

Racists clearly manifest symptoms of either slow or complete absence of intellectual development. These “brothers and sisters” are filled with severe hatred for anyone and everything different from what they think shall not have the right to exist.


However, it is not as simple to identify those who mastered the ability to camouflage. This category of people represents a much larger layer of a society.

Somehow, they understand that although radical views are becoming increasingly acceptable, it is still not included in the list of items that would describe a positive image.

These people adopted a wait-and-see position. Nevertheless, once the environment is right, they will rip off their disguise and show the true nature in its all ugliness.

I assume that they were polishing their skill to camouflage long enough to make it close to perfect. But thanks to the Law of Imperfection that Mother Nature has adopted long before humans have emerged, these people are not able to hide their true nature for long.

This dark side is an integral part of their inner world and it will eventually force them to start showing the huge mismatch between words and actions. My experience suggests that if we pay attention, we may see a few main signs that could help us to recognise hidden racists.

Just like their out-of-closet relatives, they do not respect intellectual evolution. Although they have attended school and a significant number of them have certificates to confirm university degree, it is obvious that the way they perceive events does not qualify them as educated in the original meaning of this word.

Typically, they would have a poor vocabulary and you may sense that they are struggling to express what they mean.

Due to their grossly underestimated assessment of intelligence, the representative of this one-shade-of-grey group have adopted a false vision that can be summarised as follows: “IT IS ONLY REAL IF I WANT TO ACCEPT IT AS A REALITY.” Anything which does not fit into their extremely narrow understanding of life would be considered as something of alien and hostile nature.

Surprisingly, almost all of them would try to create an impression that they are dissent citizens with high moral values. They would appear to be very religious people who follow everything that religion teaches them to do.

I believe they managed to fool intelligent people because they know precisely rules of manipulation. They will always use this skill to ensure that the cover looks good.

They have a very specific way to identify themselves. They often use either religion or citizenship to highlight that they are the most positive individuals and they start a sentence by saying: “As a good (representative of their religion), I…” or “As a good citizen, I ….”. I suspect that they specifically mention religion and/or citizenship because subconsciously they think it automatically makes them a better person.

They seldom identify themselves with people because, possibly, in their mind, it takes away the unfounded and wrong perception that they belong to the best of the best. Their assessment of either other nation, race, religion, or any anything else which is different from their way of life would be heavily generalised.

Without knowledge and clear understanding, they blame representatives of different religion or race or nationality for all troubles that they face. They do not consider such approach as unreasonable labelling. Any attempt to explain that facts indicate otherwise will be rejected straight away.

Most of these closeted relatives of open racists, recognise Fox News and any of its spinoffs as the main and only source of information. Any other channels of the media will be qualified as either fake or propaganda. However, when asked why they are so sure about it, most likely, the response will contain no factual evidence to validate their view.

These people also deny climate change and confidently express views that it is nothing but exaggeration by scientists. It would never occur to them that for scientists to come up with the conclusion, it is an absolute requirement to obtain a wide range of facts that would confirm the real nature of the climate change.

They do not understand that scientists worked on this issue for many decades collecting every bit of evidence to ensure that the result is beyond a reasonable doubt.

The one-shade-of-grey would display a poorly covered dislike of Barak Obama and blame him for all misfortunes without any exceptions. Any factual evidence to suggest otherwise is immediately dismissed.

They aggressively oppose any attempts to reform sale of guns by claiming that the second amendment is sacrosanct and, therefore, it shall never be changed. They are convinced that the second amendment represents all their rights and with the change, the government will take them away.

These people are always loud about their rights only. They never talk about their obligations. I assume that they do not consider obligations as something important because they do not see themselves obliged to do anything. After all, this world shall fit into their views.

It is important to remember that it is still not too late because the virus of racism does not fully affect this impressive number of people.


However, if representatives of the progressive part of humans will do nothing, eventually favourable environment will ensure their transformation. I do not know what exactly needs to be done, but I assume that the following could be helpful for a start:

  • We shall not turn away when closeted racists begin to voice their opinion. They are still concerned about social image. Therefore, if we make it clear that any intolerance is unacceptable, it might make them stop being loud.

  • Mass media, including social media, shall not provide them with a platform. Because by doing so we are assisting evil to rise. TV shows shall stop inviting them to give an interview. Because discussion requires the presence of opinions. They do not have any opinion because they do not have any knowledge.

  • Those who may argue that democracy requires freedom of expression shall keep in mind that democracy also requires a great deal of responsibility. These people do not have the sense of responsibility.

It is vital for all of us to remember that the more powerful they get, the fewer chances we must remain free. It happened before and it will happen again if normal people would not respond appropriately and prevent it from happening.

Despite a commonly accepted opinion that only white people represent this closeted group, it does not reflect the true picture. This virus exists in every society regardless of race or geographic location.

Early intervention could be very effective as I still hope that most of those who have reached a borderline condition could be cured of their mental illness and returned as healthy and functional members of the society.