CHANGE: the biggest challenge people have ever faced

Heraclitus, a philosopher, and theorist

who lived in Ephesus, near modern Kusadasi, Turkey, around 500 B.C.

He created doctrines about the constant change and flux of life.

To the most of us, he is known by a saying

Change is the only constant in life.”

It is also translated to

“The only constant is change.”


The constant presence of change has always been a driving force of evolution. There was a time in the history when the change occurred suddenly by drastically changing the environment and causing the extinction of many species. Those who managed to adopt, survived, and thrived.

Perhaps by now, we would extinct if not for our ability to adopt. In response to the constantly changing environment, we were forced to strive for becoming stronger by learning new things. Our will to survive has solidified our resilient nature and allowed human civilisation to continue its journey.

For so many years the response to the change delivered excellent results, as we managed to grow not just intellectually but also spiritually. We have reached the level whereby we have set sights on the role which was exclusively a privilege of nature. We have succeeded in our first attempts to create artificial intelligence.

Today, however, we are facing the scale of the change. It is going to be the biggest test we have ever experienced throughout the entire history. It has real potential to destroy not only our civilisation but the whole life on this planet.

This time, the danger is not coming from space or forces of nature. The deadly threat has emerged from within human race itself.

Due to its insidious nature, this threat grew within our society slowly and quietly. Nobody would be able to identify exactly when it started to manifest itself. Most likely, we have unwillingly created a very fertile ground for it to grow when we began to lose touch with reality.

Without knowing it, we started to feed this monster by feeling comfortable with our daily lives and somehow missed a very important detail. Our survival has been possible because of our ability to adopt. It has been possible only because we had to constantly improve our capacity as a species to withstand the forces of change.

Perhaps our false feeling of comfort somehow dulled our desire for constant improvement. We had no clue that our misunderstanding of the evolutionary achievement could trigger the chain of events that would challenge the existence of our civilisation.

Since we made this huge mistake, we started to stagnate in our intellectual development and later the process of stagnation transformed into regress.


With intellectual regress, there was no oxygen for spirituality to survive. Our desire to constantly learn was replaced with a sense of indifference. We became lazy.

Somehow, we sensed that something is wrong. That is why many of us express concern over many things that we thought need to change. However, due to our intellectual regress and mental laziness, we did not want to think. Therefore, we grossly underestimated the scale of a fast changing environment.

Because we could no longer understand our environment, most of us started to blame everyone or everything for our failure. The anger made us lose our ability of objective assessment with regards to circumstances and events. It started to affect every aspect of our life.

Due to lack of clarity, we became judgmental. We forgot that if we do not like others to judge our way of life, we shall restrain ourselves from doing the same. We could not realise that if we do not understand other people’s way of life it does not mean that they are wrong.

Before long, our mental laziness has started shaping up into something very ugly. Our intellectual regress revived the virus that we thought we have managed to kill, racism.

With our fast-shrinking ability to think, we could no longer see the difference between right and wrong. We almost lost our ability to critically assess our own actions and views.

Therefore, our words do not match with our actions anymore. On one had we praise tolerance, mutual respect and condemn discrimination. But at the same time, we apply labels, generalising the entire race or region. Without realising it we became racists.

When the rapid acceleration of intellectual regress has reached a critical point, it triggered an event that just a few decades ago would be viewed by many people as something unthinkable.

Citizens of the country which has always been considered as a land of free elected a person as their President. Their choice has shocked the entire world.

The reason for such worldwide reaction was the entire set of facts which clearly illustrate that this person cannot be trusted. It is well documented that he cannot finish a sentence without contradicting himself a few times. His entire administration consists of representatives who vividly display the enormous degree of intellectual disability.


But the scary part is that these people, who are now in power, are not ashamed to show that they are not smart. They proudly announce that they have discovered something entirely new for us to enjoy – “Alternative Facts”.

Fortunately, there is hope that we still have a chance to survive. Although we almost lost our ability to think, we can still reactivate it. If we manage to jump-start our intellect, we would be able to see things clearly.

We will see that those who contradict themselves constantly, cause destruction instead of creating something, proudly announce that they did not pay taxes instead of contributing to society, bankrupt businesses instead of creating jobs, spread hatred among nations, disrespect other people because of different gender, religion, nationality, race, or sexual orientation, shall be in no position to lead.

Instead, they must be isolated as a very dangerous virus.