There are so many articles online, and LinkedIn including, that would recommend what people need to follow to be successful. Most of them would describe eight or ten, or whatever the number might be, magical rules of or what habits successful people have. Some of these articles would highlight that it is essential to follow those rules otherwise, it is unlikely to succeed.


In my opinion, it is all rubbish for the following reasons.

  1. If we follow someone else, we would never be ourselves. In the best-case scenario, we would become a perfect copy of someone else. Other people are not stupid and eventually, they would notice that we are nothing but a “copy”, not the “original”.

Authenticity has always been and continues to be the most valuable asset. Whereby counterfeit are not only cheap but also unwelcome.

  1. Money does not measure Success. It is measured by self-satisfaction, or self-fulfilment if you like. Money is there to deliver a comfort to our life. It is not meant to deliver a happiness in any way.

And, as we all know, comfort alone will never produce satisfaction. Even the most comfortable environment could turn into a beautiful cemetery if we do not have your loved ones around.

Besides, the journey to success, often, is not pretty. We shall be willing to get hands dirty. But if the soul is clean, it is always possible to wash hands later. This is something that E Channel will never show.

If we would not be able to resist the temptation and fall for this shiny but fake image, in the best case, we would quietly hate ourselves. Because once we lose our integrity, there is no way back.

  1. We shall follow our dream, not money. Because if we follow the money, steam will go off quite soon. However, by following the dream and wanting it bad enough, we will get it.

  1. Self-respect is the top requirement. Because success does not visit those who do not know what respects means.

When we learn how to respect ourselves, only then we can respect others. It is important because success is not a “one man show”. There is nobody who can achieve something without a contribution of other people.

  1. It is necessary to remember that if something does not work, it means that we are doing something wrong. We shall be capable of detecting what is “wrong” and fix it. Only us can do it. We shall keep on trying by applying different approaches repeatedly. Good things do not come easily.

It would also help to continue the journey if we realise one thing. We all came to this world for a purpose. As I like to say, I refuse to think that I came to this world to consume food and produce “S” in the morning.

Therefore, do not give up dreaming and dream big. It is never too late 🙂


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