There is no doubt that contribution of the western cultures into the world literature, science, architecture, art, and technology is substantial. For many centuries, Europe held, and continues to hold, top positions in all cultural aspects of life.

The United States of America secured its leading positions much later as compared to Europe, but it did not stop the first global economy to equalise its contribution by complimenting Europe’s classicism with refreshing, contemporary, full of energy style.

Today, most of the best universities are in the Western Europe and North America: Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Princeton, to name a few. These universities produce one of the best minds that human race has ever known.

London, New York, Paris, Milan, and Vienna are home for one of the best theatres. The reputation of these theatres is so monumental that it would make any Super-Star celebrity to beg for the opportunity of performing on those stages.

Many people would save money and pay a small fortune just to have this magical moment – to be in the audience and watch one of those incredible shows that these theatres are so famous for.

The other half who would be in the audience, would not appreciate any of these majestic spiritual events, but they will pay a lot of money to be seen among the elite and later mention it to their friends that they have been there.

Would you imagine that just to say that you watched the show on Broadway or La Scala, would immediately solidify your social status? It is obvious that every of these spiritual temples is a celebrity by itself.

The Western Europe presented to us masterpieces of literature that are considered as priceless components of the global heritage.

Although North America is not as rich, but it complements the world literature by contributing in its unique contemporary way. Who did not read fascinating stories created by such talented writers like Jack London, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, and Irvin Shaw?

Western cultures are also blessed with super talented composers like Bach, Beethoven, List, Mozart, who’s creations are pretty much relevant today and performed by the best orchestras around the world.

But it is not only about heritage. Western pop culture produced its own royalties – Pink Floyd, Let’s Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Beatles, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Temptation, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson and Jacksons Five, Cher, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and many others.

The list goes on and on, a vivid illustration of the incredible reserve of talents that the Western Cultures must offer: Oscar-winning actors, movie directors, world famous documentary filmmakers, and the entire army of fantastically gifted movies and music producers, screenwriters, and many other gifted people from the entertainment industry.

Milan, Paris, London, and New York are also home for the most demanded designers, who have elevated our perception of clothes to a completely different level making it more equal with creations of art rather than just clothes.

When we visit these historical centres that would hypnotise you by the beauty and richness of their architecture, it is impossible to believe that these centres of cultural triumph are also home to one of the most primitive and disgusting human instincts – racism.


How these global centres of knowledge that generated colossal intellectual capital have never alarmed others of the growing danger? Or maybe they have but it was not as loud for us to hear?

We all know that during the 60s of the 20th Century, the civil rights movement in North America and Western Europe has fundamentally changed many aspects of life for better.

It was a truly inspiring time when people thought that from now on racial segregation and discrimination will be remembered only as a sad and unfortunate part of the history. Bill Cosby Show became iconic and has completely changed the perception of white Americans on their co-citizens of colour, making them no different than whites.

Although, I must say that the reason which propelled the show to the status of Icon confuses me. The society which has centuries of intellectual wealth accumulation, had to watch TV series to understand that people with darker skin are just like them? What happened to all progressive minds that supposed to make all of us smarter?

And the second question I am dying to ask is whether this iconic TV show also the reason for the thriving pharmaceutical industry in the United States?

Nothing can be fixed overnight. It takes the time to heal and completely clean our minds from the trash like racism. Until recently, we were full of hope.

However, recent events in the United States and The United Kingdom, as well as in other countries of the EU have demonstrated that the evolutionary progress which we genuinely thought is ongoing, in fact, did not move much.


Why? What Happened? Why people with stagnated mentality started to surface and express their primitive and racists views shamelessly like they are sure it is now accepted? What happened to more than a millennium of the cultural heritage that appears to be locked in the libraries which are no longer visited by the majority? What happened to common sense?

Why are we embarrassed to stop these people by shaming them for their disgustingly primitive views? It is not logical. Because logic demands for them to be ashamed of themselves and we shall be proud of ourselves if we can shut them up.


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