by Kakajan Haytlyyev

Who creates new terms, a combination of few words that symbolise either someone or something well known to all of us. How they find their way into our day-to-day language?

Were they created by one person or accidentally discovered by a group of friends during a routine conversation?

What if they are an outcome of a team (or teams) of highly trained experts who are paid to ensure that new terminology is constantly injected into our language?

Although we may never find answers to these questions, it is rather unusual that the new terms are being introduced to us with increasing frequency. Some of them suggest that they do carry a specific and almost invisible connotation and impact our ways of thinking and interpreting past or current events.

Here are few examples.


Refugees Crises


“Refugees Crises”. These two words are mutually exclusive. There is no such thing as “Refugees Crises”, simply because refugees are because of the crises.

Refugees are a direct product of some events which changed lives of millions of people in an instant. The negative nature of such events is impossible to describe in any language.

News channels sensor reports from war zones because it is difficult to watch. 

Unfortunately for people who became refugees, it is a live broadcast of military conflict by CNN or BBC. This is what their lives were turned into. 

The reality became so dangerous that it forced people to grab their children and run for their lives leaving behind everything they earned.

It is not possible to appreciate the scale and depth of the horror these people must face every day. For no reason, disparity and total lack of justice are now new norms for them.

In addition, these people are no longer referred to as people. Now they must carry the assigned label that says “refugees”.

For legal and humanitarian purposes this term is necessary because it helps “to speak the same language” or “be on the same page” for government and non-government organisations that deal with these issues.

However, it seems that the term somehow is being overused. 

If we repeat “refugees” many times, in our heads it creates something else. Instead of compassion, it triggers rather unwelcoming associations: “not us”, “not one of us” or “someone we don’t want to see”.

Ironically, once the word “people” was replaced with so neutral and abstract word “refugees” it took away the sense of urgency.

Once public perception was established, EU closed its borders. Despite existing nice core international human rights instruments, no one said that the border closure is a material breach of the international law.

It is unlikely that these core instruments and other related international treaties, as well as provisions of the national legislation, indicate that a country, at its sole discretion, can suspend indefinitely all of its obligations if the crowd of desperately needed help people exceeds a certain number which shall be decided by any country individually by simply looking at the window to evaluate whether such number of strange-looking “refugees” is within a limit of the norm or exceeds such limit.

Instead of closing borders, EU should’ve opened a discussion to address one very important issue: what is the extent of EU’s liability for starting the illegal war which triggered a domino effect and led to the destabilisation of the entire region.

Instead of locking the border, EU should’ve locked Tony Blair in jail for his crimes against humanity?

Unfortunately, it is not the real criminals who have to deal with hardships. And it leaves a couple of questions unanswered: why people who lost everything shall suffer twice with no good reason? Why those who forced these huge number of civilians out of their houses and now denied them from having basic human rights are doing just fine?

Coming back to whether it is possible to appreciate the scale of devastation, the answer is simple – it is not possible. 

It is not possible to appreciate the pain of knowing that despite having physiological capacities – senses of sight, hearing, taste, and touch – emotionally, however, death with hideous delight has almost finished eating away people’s souls and future, as they helplessly watched.

How to measure the enormous depth of sorrow which constantly continues to grow with every bit of clarity that their lives – the priceless gift – were used as a feedstock to produce the required outcome for those who somehow feel that they don’t have enough of things.

So, whoever it was, a person, group of friends or a team of highly experienced specialists, I wonder what was the reason for such senseless term as “Refugees Crises”? What was there so important that it couldn’t be explained and, therefore, presented to the public under tells-nothing-templates – “National Security” or “Spread of Democracy”.

In this particular case, “spread of democracy” sounds scarier than spreading STD. After watching so many reports on Syria or any other country that share the same fate, given a choice, I would honestly opt for STD. Possibly, I would even request a double dose of it, just to ensure that I am safe. 



that scares lots of things out of everybody

It seems like the western governments have realised that they completely devalued the very meaning of the word “democracy”, and, therefore, they decided to replace it with another term. I can only assume that “leaders of free world” had many sleepless nights, whereby many brainstorm sessions were conducted to create a new cover for their next game of greed.

I guess, they were a bit worried that the replacement might not be found. They know that without the replacement it might not be possible to satisfy their addiction to go around the world and cause destruction? And, without destruction, it may not be possible for them to maintain self-assigned and fake titles of “Great Nation”, “First World”, “Free World”, etc.

Eventually, they found the solution and decided to use the name of the best season of the year. This choice for the replacement has sealed the faith of several Arab countries. They have made an exceptionally cruel choice because Spring is such a wonderful time of the year.

Spring is my favourite season. After long and not so friendly winter with its low hanging, depressingly grey and heavy clouds, nature wakes up and fills people’s soul with something magical. Irritating clouds disappear, making the sky taller and brighter, days become warmer and longer, trees transform from the lifeless wood into something beautiful, and the entire world seems about to announce that many warm and happy days are ahead.

Somehow winter clouds always reminded me of uninvited guests who have announced themselves in a very bossy fashion by insistently knocking your door, although it would be easier just to ring the bell. They just decided to show up at your door and you know that they are unlikely to go away soon. Therefore, for me, spring is always a good reminder that even the most hopeless days would come to the end.

If it could only be the same when we talk about political seasons. Unfortunately, the recent events have demonstrated that unlike in nature, political seasons are not well organised and somehow deliver quite opposite result. For example, natural spring is considered as a new beginning that brings new life and triggers some feelings which are completely irrational. These feelings make a person to want to lose his or her freedom and would genuinely consider themselves as truly happy ones (many will regret it later, but usually we don’t talk about it)

On the other hand, political spring has nothing to do with any of the above. It kills, destructs and instead of giving hope for better future and a chance to experience the magic of love, it takes away the future, together with love and magic, and replaces it with hate, hopelessness, and endless chaos.

Unlike in the case of natural spring, the good times of summer do not follow political spring. Instead, after few horrifying days or weeks of political spring comes political winter. If we compare negative air temperature which people mostly experience during the natural winter season, it would never match the level of cold that political winter would bring. It is so unforgiving because it feeds from the destruction which political spring has delivered. No warm clothes would help. The cold temperature of this type of winter would freeze not water, but people’s soul and believe in justice.

I must say that political seasons do have one similarity with nature. Just like global warming, political seasons are also man-made. Ironically, the same and only similarity contains one controversial aspect. Global warming is a result of burning fossil fuel which was necessary for humans to evolve. Technology that helped to refine crude oil lead to a dramatic improvement in the standards of living.

Political seasons, on the other hand, are the result of greed, which is one of the most primitive human instincts and has nothing to do with evolution.


Cynical Nature of Terms

 Somehow, politicians choose very positive words to ensure that the public is solidly confused and ability to think totally disabled. That is why they must choose something very inspiring and stimulating to formally name their despicable crimes against humanity. Since I know that they will not stop and shock us with other conflicts soon, I would like to propose to them to start thinking outside of the box and choose a term “Viagra with 20% added Digestive Marijuana” – there is no such thing, but it sounds like inspiring and stimulating. Besides, it sounds appropriate if we consider Yellow Nightmare who is now the President of the United States.

I am not sure whether it will be the name for the next crime, most likely not. What I know there will be a war that would be named as something which brings peace and stability. For instance, the atomic bomb that was dropped by the United States on Japanese City of Hiroshima in October 1945, they named “Little Boy”. That “Little Boy” killed more than one hundred and forty thousand people, mostly civilians. Much more had to die by slow and very painful death due to radiation.

I wonder, what would be the reaction of people if we could have a lengthy documentary with the same number of episodes equal to that of the average reality show, broadcasted by all mainstream media channels during the prime time to show in graphic details people’s suffering because of that “Little Boy”. I would think that shortly after the premiere, many would never want to have children and those who already have them most probably would opt to send them for adoption as they would hate children.

Another example is the name that was selected for 2003 invasion of Iraq. It was called “Operation Iraqi Liberation” (talking about uninvited guests). First, at the time of the invasion, Iraq was sovereign, independent country and equal member of the United Nations. It did not need liberation. Second, since when the occupation is considered as liberation? I guess politicians really believe that we all are simply stupid.

Why it is acceptable and considered as reasonable measures when the western governments as and when they like, twist the truth, openly commit a crime by invading a sovereign state, breach international law in many ways, including use of torture and killing prisoners of war, in addition to the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and yet, manage to get away with it. Besides, while they are getting away with it, they loudly, shamelessly, and so cynically call themselves as “Leaders of the Free World”?

In my opinion, the decision to select such name for the illegal war is a single, compact, and yet so powerful and clear term that illustrates in X-ray vision the actual, unmasked face of that criminally free world. I also suspect that the original idea to give a good name to the evil belongs to Dick Chaney. My theory does make sense as only a person who believes that waterboarding and other tortures are effective, could come up with it.

I also think that it is possible that parents of Dick Cheney were visionary people because when he was born, they looked at him and realised that they have just given birth to a monster. That is why they named him “Dick” (he really is, and the shape of his head vividly confirms it). It would be funny as a joke if only we could ignore the reality which continuously produces the range of solid and shocking evidence on the daily basis that proofs the true nature of such “liberation”.

I guess one way to make sure that people like DICK are treated appropriately with well-deserved entitlement to enjoy the spotlight, is this. Those of us who are still able to think shall pay attention to these terms that pop-up time to time the moment a new crime is committed. We must be able to understand the difference between the innocence of the original meaning of the words used and actions of those in power that demonstrate something completely opposite. We need to learn how to correlate and establish the link between these two.

I can only hope that these measures in combination with the knowledge of the law, may help to jail people like DICK. Otherwise, what kind of world are we going to let our children inherit if such dangerous creatures like DICK are not isolated?


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