Sometimes we consider something as a positive quality, whereby it has little to do with anything positive.

For example, many of us are quite sure that so-called “National Identity” is a positive thing. Most of us proudly announce their National Identity. I was doing it too.

My recent observation tells me a different story. “National Identity” in fact causes more problems than contributes to our evolution. It does not allow us to see the entire beauty of other cultures. In fact, it limits our ability to be open minded.

We tend to look at other cultures not from the viewpoint that they are different and this is what makes our world so colourful and interesting. We look at them from the angle which might make us think that “my culture is better and yours is not so much” – more or less. For some reason, we do not understand that to appreciate other cultures this angle is not appropriate whatsoever.

If we take a closer look at “National Identity”, we might be able to start getting a clue that it prohibits to identify ourselves with the entire human race. Instead, it segregates us on certain groups, whether it is nationality or race based.

Perhaps because of our failure to choose the right angle and long-standing traditions to be divided by camps, the “National Identity” creates a positive environment for all types of extremism. Since we believe that it is necessary to have “National Identity”, inevitably we begin to develop a sense of superiority. Coupled with our passion for competition, the “National Identity” drives us to a conclusion that “I/WE are the best”.


To substantiate this false belief, we search for evidence. And because we are obsessed with the idea of superior status, we accept immaterial elements as a major factor and undisputable evidence to confirm our sick imagination.

For illustration, I would like to use the following as an example: if I put a picture of someone from Namibia, or South Sudan next to my picture and ask what difference between these two people do you see? Many of us would give many reasons why these two individuals are different. The main one would be a colour of skin.

In my mind, there is no difference. Because we both have one head, two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, one neck, two arms and two legs. As to the skin, the shade would be a bit different, but it would still have identical properties that would indicate that we both are humans. But under the skin we are the same too: both have red blood, the same number of organs, the same number of bones as well as bone structure, etc.

So, why are we paying attention to the different shade of the skin? Is it because it is the most visible? As compared to the significant number of similarities, the colour of skin is immaterial. Why people prefer not to acknowledge it? Maybe because they know that such acknowledgement will remove the illusion that they are the best.

However, when we use something immaterial as the main criteria that help to justify our difference, we lose focus. We also lose clarity and completely confuse priorities because we do not now anymore what is important and what is not.


Lack of understanding creates mental disability which helps to maintain fake status. Because it is very flattering to think that we are the best, people do not care if it is not true. It feels great.

National Identity, which causes confused priorities and dismissal of truth, produce unfounded pride for the shameful past. To illustrate, I would like to refer to the history of few countries. I refer to these countries not because they are the worst but because the global community better knows it.

Many British people are proud of their history. Some parts of it deserve to be proud of, but there is a significant part that contains overwhelming pieces of evidence of rape, robbery, and exploitation. If the UK would be a person, he or she would be in jail by now. You can visit any British museum and you will find evidence of countless crimes.

Or, why do we still discuss whether Christopher Columbus discovered America? I know who discovered it – Indians. They lived there when Columbus has arrived and started to kill locals.

So, what exactly makes people be so proud of this shameful past? Is it a dark side of our nature that forces us to like that we invaded territories of other people and destroyed their way of life?

I would think that twisted mentality forces people to want to be associated with those who conquered the land that belonged to other people as they believe it makes them strong.

National Identity is also a favourite tool of politicians. It allows them to frequently talk about “great nation” or “great country”. It also allows to scream patriotic slogans and feel united. However, if we dissect these slogans, we would see that most of them are about nothing and harmful.

First, I do not know any nation or country which is not great. Therefore, it is ridiculous to proudly announce it. It is the same as if these people would claim that the sun shines only over their country and pretend not to notice that the sun shines over the entire planet.

These messages unite individuals into a camp which is against another camp. What is considered as a spiritual uplift, is nothing but a crowd instinct which is being fed by a primitive hatred towards another group of people.


The rest begins to grow as a snowball – race, nationality, national identity, tribal identity, West vs East, etc. It would always lead to something very negative because the background theme is always the same – US vs THEM.

It is advertised that National Identity allows us to maintain our culture. Therefore, it is important to have such identity. I have a different view.

We do need to know our routes because there is no future without knowing our past. However, I do not have to identify myself with a certain group to appreciate my culture. Because this very culture is my contribution to the world. And I am a small part of this world.

How can I see the horizon when a very tall wall, which is National Identity, surrounds me? Why would I lock my horizons into geographical borders of my country? Instead, I can widen it as the whole world can be explored. I think it is a much better option and a very good reason to start cleaning out mind from mental trash.

Many of us would agree that all children, regardless of race, look adorable. I think it is the case since children, unlike adults, are free from psychological garbage.

The accumulated psychological trash is something which is very difficult and painful to clean. But we shall try. If we succeed, this world would indeed become a better place.