Technological progress brought the whole range of conveniences to our life. It is a very positive development because it shows that we did not run out of bright and innovative ideas. On one hand, it gives hope that we may find a solution to all our problems one day. But on the other hand, I notice signs which suggest that this day may not come soon.

The reason for my pessimism, unfortunately, is the same technological progress. Because it is used as a tool by some individuals who either are not clear what ideas they want to promote or they have some sort of hidden agenda. I would want to believe that they are just not clear because the second option makes me feel uncomfortable.

Today, we can reach a big audience and share with them what we have learnt by going through certain experiences. It is wonderful because why do we need knowledge, accumulated within decades if we don’t want to share it with other people. Having said that it is essential for us to be clear that what we share could make a meaningful contribution by providing viable advice.

The importance of it becomes a top priority in the high-tech world. There are so many articles and books that would offer a wide range of recommendations. Some of them are good, but some are not just useless but might also be a triggering point for serious consequences.

For instance, I recently read two articles published by the same author whereby, he described what people need to do to make working day productive and powerful habits of truly happy people. I found all recommendations in both articles not just ineffective, unsubstantial, and unsustainable, but outright negative.

To increase productivity, the author recommends starting the day by resisting to answer emails. I would strongly disagree that it is a wise thing to do. Productivity is not about rituals in the morning. All of us are capable of being very productive if we enjoy what we do. We cannot be productive if we would resist of doing our job.

When I use the word “enjoy”, I do not mean that it supposed to be an equivalent of what we enjoy doing when we go on vacation. The author failed to address that it is necessary to understand that it comes as a package. If we like our job, we shall ensure that whatever is required to be done, shall be done in the most efficient manner, including a part which we just happened not to like.

I also think that resisting to check emails, may not only be unhelpful. It also might be a reason a person could be fired. Because sometimes, projects require an urgent response. Without immediate reaction, the entire process may stall causing financial and other damages to the company. I found that recommendation not only strange or shallow but also potentially dangerous.

The other article described how to be happy. When I read it, I did not know whether I should laugh or cry. Somehow, the author completely misunderstood what happiness means. He obviously confused the word “happiness” with “having fun”. He recommends for people to create their own happiness, surround themselves with the right people, exercise, and other meaningless suggestions.

However, the author, consciously or not, absolutely did not explain what “create your own happiness” means, how to create it? There was no explanation whatsoever, how people should identify which people are the right ones.

To my surprise, I saw many “like” and it suggested that there are a huge number of very unhappy people. The fact that they liked it could mean that these individuals may not be clear what happiness feels like. I am concerned that such anti-common-sense publications instead of so much needed help might cause problems. I would assume that they will try to smile (when they don’t want to smile) and exercise and read books and do whatever else was recommended. But for how long these people will be able to go on like that?

I feel so sorry for those followers because it is possible that the day will come when they start sensing that something isn’t working. When they sense it, I cannot even imagine what disappointment and frustration they will experience. Thus, they may become even more unhappy than they used to be before they read whatever is published online.


People shall process information carefully especially when it is related to recommendations on how to improve the quality of life. It is necessary to understand that we cannot cut and paste because it never works. We all are very different and unique. Besides, when it comes to such complicated topics as life, recommendations cannot be precise as there are no two identical individuals.

In fact, nothing shall be recommended. Instead, it is only viable to provide with directions based on our own personal experiences for people to decide whether it is acceptable for them or not. Therefore, I would like to share few of my thoughts that might be useful.


  1. The truth is that happiness has nothing to do with rituals. But if we want to be happy we shall realise that a construction of the building from the 5th floor. We must build a foundation first. In this case, out nature or personality is the foundation. But for us to build it, we need to take an honest look at ourselves to discover our true nature. We shall not be fearful because with understanding come clarity and self-appreciation.

For a start, we may need to revisit our past because without its objective assessment we might not have a chance to enjoy happy future. It is necessary for us to have this journey, which might be painful. But pain is an excellent teacher, it will provide us with the vital realisation of who we are. It will allow us to identify clearly our positive and negative sides.

By gaining this priceless knowledge, we would be able to start the process of self-improvement by either eliminating or minimising our negative aspects as well as rightfully recognising our strength. Only by going through this process we can fully experience the sense of self-respect, and with self-respect and ability to love ourselves, we could be able and capable of giving this gift to other people.

We shall keep in mind that it is not an overnight process because nothing substantial is built overnight. It may take a while. Nevertheless, we shall not be discouraged by the length of this process. By discovering ourselves we obtain priceless knowledge which would lead to overall improvement of our personality. We shall also know that without continuous improvement, we stagnate and stagnation is the first contributing factor to out unhappy life.


  1. As to our career, we would have to question whether we really like what you do. If we like it, then it means that at least we are fine in this respect. Having said that we shall have a reality check on whether we unlocked our full potential. Sometimes we unwillingly suppress our ability to achieve more because for some reason we are convinced that we are not good enough.

We need to learn how to listen to our inner world. When we start getting better in doing it, we will eventually learn how talented we all are.

Our personal improvement will lead to an overall positive impact on our work environment. One of the reasons would be that we will be open to any feedback whether positive or negative because self-acceptance would make us secure individuals. It will also enable us to take the feedback and convert it into our better performance which will accelerate our continuous improvements as experts.

We would become a better team player. Whatever office conflicts we used to have will become things of the past. Thus, we will rapidly develop strong leadership qualities. And because we would understand there is no such thing as “one man show”, we will be able to sense when someone in our team would need a support. The entire process, besides improving our personality, will also create our positive reputation.

However, if we don’t like what we do, we shall not waste our life. It would help to make the right decision if we understand the truth. There are three things money cannot buy: true love, true friendship, and health. But even if you are blessed and have all three, you will never be able to enjoy it if you don’t have time. So, time is the most important. Therefore, when you go to bed every night we shall remember that we have one LESS day to

In conclusion, I would like to indicate that I think that our purpose in like is to help others. But first, we shall help ourselves. Once we develop the ability to stand strongly on our feet, we will be able to assist others. In my view, it is one of the most important aspects of our life. We will feel relevant and needed, be it our family, our friends, our colleagues or even our pets.

The self-learning process is continuous. It shall not stop throughout our life. It teaches us that if we refuse to give up our life, the priceless gift, will not be wasted. Such realisation would provide with the sense of self-fulfilment. And, in my view, this is happiness. Not money or a fake smile, or whatever else was mentioned in the useless article.


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